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Peter Hawkey is a guitarist and composer who produces many styles of music. More recently his music has been played on various radio stations in the UK, used by sporting venues, and performed internationally.
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Calm Space

A relaxing and hypnotic track that gives a sense of calm and peace.

Relaxed Background

A gentle track that works well for background and voice over music.

Orchestral Peace

A gentle, meandering orchestral track that gives a feeling of calm and tranquillity. Perfect for serene images or short meditation.


A slow and ambient track featuring washed out guitars and strings to give a sense of weightlessness and timelessness.

Gentle Sonata

A relaxed and peaceful piano track that’s great for gentle background music.

Peaceful Orchestral Meditation

A gentle and relaxing orchestral music that’s perfect for relaxing and feeling centred. Ideal for projects focused on meditation, relaxation, health and nature.

Frozen Time

A delicate piano based track with a mix of melancholy and hopefulness

Summer Carnival

A festive drum ensemble that captures the energy of summer and carnivals.

Hard as Nails

An aggressive metal track that’s perfect for high energy projects.


A soft and relaxing track featuring woodwind instruments; perfect for scenes of nature, sunrise or idyllic farming.


An upbeat and friendly track; great for short videos with animals or quirky behaviour.

Day's End

A gentle track made to instil a sense of peace and calm; ideal for scenes of nature or rest.

Driving Rock

A defiant hard rock track with a slightly funky edge; great for extreme sports, high speed action, or a build up to a showdown. Included files: Full version: 1:41 60 second version: 1:04 30 second version: 0:34

Be With You

A melancholy piano track with a feeling of tenderness that becomes more positive towards the end.

Bright Light Ahead

An upbeat and dynamic track featuring strings. This is great for anything needing energy with a sophisticated feel.

Lost at Sea

A haunting oboe melody accompanied by strings and pitched percussion. Great for supporting any scenes of great sadness.
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