Peter Hawkey

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Peter Hawkey is a guitarist and composer who produces many styles of music. More recently his music has been played on various radio stations in the UK, used by sporting venues, and performed internationally.

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Composer: hawkey
A bright and cheerful piano track, great for creating a light and cheerful mood.


Composer: hawkey
A piano track full of hope and optimism that gradually builds in volume and intensity before falling back to a peaceful ending.

Hight Spirits

Composer: hawkey
An optimistic pop instrumental track with gentle dynamics.

Heads Held High

Composer: hawkey
Piano and drums are joined by bass, cello and relaxed guitars to create a laid back and optimistic track.

Clear Your Mind

Composer: hawkey
An upbeat dance track featuring acoustic guitars and layered electric guitars. The feel of the track is relaxed and spacious.


Composer: hawkey
A gentle, optimistic piano track with a flowing rhythm and soft melody.

Bright Sparks

Composer: hawkey
A positive pop rock track with a fast tempo and plenty of energy.

Until I Die

Composer: hawkey
Bouncy blues performed by a solo acoustic guitar, nothing extra, just blues and feeling.

Lazy River

Composer: hawkey
A laid back bluesy track featuring a relaxed slide guitar at its core.

Summer Breeze

Composer: hawkey
A soft and flowing piano track, great for giving a gentle and positive message.

Silent Motion

Composer: hawkey
A fast repetitive piano piece that would work well for time lapse, or fast moving objects.

Dont Stop master

Composer: hawkey
Fast and loud hard rock with a lead guitar adding extra energy and dynamics.


Composer: hawkey
A cheerful pop rock track with plenty of positivity. The upbeat nature of the track is great for delivering a positive message.

Climbing Up

Composer: hawkey
An uplifting pop rock track, ideal for giving a positive message.

This Peaceful Space

Composer: hawkey
A spacious track lead by a relaxed, delay drenched guitar. The mood is mellow and positive.

King of Wolves

Composer: hawkey
A slow aggressive stoner track featuring layers of bass amplifiers to create a thick and heavy sound.

First Day of Summer

Composer: hawkey
A light, cheerful solo piano with a sprightly melody with a bouncy accompaniment. Great for depicting feelings of happiness and sunshine.

Lets Make War

Composer: hawkey
A lo-fi stoner rock powered by a distorted bass. Full of aggressive yet laid back riffs.

Zombie Killers

Composer: hawkey
A fast aggressive rock track for when anything slower just won’t do.

Welcome to the Crossroads

Composer: hawkey
A rocking blues track with ragged, edgy electric slide guitar playing.

Too Hot

Composer: hawkey
A laid back, gritty solo electric guitar playing bluesy slide music.
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