Royalty free music by Peter Hawkey

Peter Hawkey is a guitarist and composer who produces many styles of music. More recently his music has been played on various radio stations in the UK, used by sporting venues, and performed internationally.

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Endless Summer 30 second version

by hawkey
A fast paced cheerful track featuring energetic drums and guitars, perfect for a positive mood!


by hawkey
A slow and relaxing track featuring an electric guitar playing through heavy reverb.

No Limits

by hawkey
A short fast indie pop track that’s full of energy and optimism.

Slow and Steady

by hawkey
A laid back bluesy track featuring a guitar playing chords and improvising short licks.

Take it Easy

by hawkey
A cool blues track featuring a gritty slide guitar giving equal measures of laziness and attitude.


by hawkey
A piano track that is dynamic and full of movement.

Big is Best

by hawkey
A loud and upbeat classic rock track that’s perfect for getting everybody energised.


by hawkey
A playful track featuring African instruments that’s great for anything peaceful and natural.

Spark of Inspiration

by hawkey
A gentle and positive piano track that is thoughtful and uplifting.

Above the Line

by hawkey
A lively pop-rock track that will add a dose of positive energy to your project.


by hawkey
A bright and cheerful piano track, great for creating a light and cheerful mood.


by hawkey
A piano track full of hope and optimism that gradually builds in volume and intensity before falling back to a peaceful ending.

Hight Spirits

by hawkey
An optimistic pop instrumental track with gentle dynamics.

Heads Held High

by hawkey
Piano and drums are joined by bass, cello and relaxed guitars to create a laid back and optimistic track.

Clear Your Mind

by hawkey
An upbeat dance track featuring acoustic guitars and layered electric guitars. The feel of the track is relaxed and spacious.


by hawkey
A gentle, optimistic piano track with a flowing rhythm and soft melody.

Bright Sparks

by hawkey
A positive pop rock track with a fast tempo and plenty of energy.

Until I Die

by hawkey
Bouncy blues performed by a solo acoustic guitar, nothing extra, just blues and feeling.

Lazy River

by hawkey
A laid back bluesy track featuring a relaxed slide guitar at its core.

Summer Breeze

by hawkey
A soft and flowing piano track, great for giving a gentle and positive message.

Silent Motion

by hawkey
A fast repetitive piano piece that would work well for time lapse, or fast moving objects.
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