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Spy Mission

Spy Mission is an energetic and tense rock track with overdrive guitars, beefy bass guitar, and hard-hitting drums. It is ideal for an action-packed blockbuster scene with a feel similar to a James Bond or Mission Impossible main theme. Its vigour, punch, and power also makes it a perfect background...

Power Rock Riff - Loop Version

This one is a punchy brutal royalty free background soundtrack, with powerful guitars. Perfect for action movies, trailers, drive, youtube, extreme, sport videos and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Shake the world

Track mixed rock styles and accessories orchestral parts, which gives a powerful sound and creates an atmosphere of tension since the spy thriller.

Action Sport

Explosive and energetic mix of breakbeat and electronic rock music. This track is perfect for any action movie, racing, car ads, staged fights, games, Promo, teasers, trailers, etc.

Cyberpunk (Ransomware)

“Cyberpunk” is cool powerful and energetic track in the style of Cyberpunk and modern dubstep / electro / electronic. This track has distortion electronic bass, powerful drums, energetic acid synth melody and glitch sound fixes. It`s really strong cyberpunk background music with pumped deep agg...

Rock Machine

Cool, powerful rock with electric guitars, energetic drums and percussions. A perfect choice for sport videos, car commercials, trailers, films, video games, advertisements. The archive includes two versions of the track: Rock Machine Full – 2:50 Rock Machine – 2:07

Auto Thief

Cinematic Rock track with electric guitars, energetic drums and percussions. Perfect choice for extreme sport videos, motivational videos, car commercials, trailers, films, video games, advertisements, YouTube videos and action scenes.

The Meatgrinder

Dark and brutal metal track with extremly low tuned guitars, aggressive bass and drums, a lot of synths and creepy FXs. Suitable for any project that requires more aggression like slasher/shooter video games, extreme sports, trailers, etc.

Metal Walk

Groovy metal track with rockin guitars and drums. Perfect for extreme project, games soundtrack, UFC, Races, and many more projects.

Cyber Trailer

“Cyber Trailer” is a futuristic, aggressive, powerful, brutal musical background for creating teasers, trailers, games and many other projects in the style of cyberpunk.

Cinematic Epic Trailer

A powerful, brutal, dynamic trailer track with pianos, electronic sounds of drones, string section, cinematic percussion and samples of a female voice. This is an excellent choice for epic, thrillers, investigations and other trailers.

Heavy Industry

This is heavy and aggressive industrial track with power distorted guitar riffs and machine mood atmosphere.

Rockabilly Upbeat Guitar

Energetic, driving, strong and upbeat music with punchy and stylish drums, stomps, claps and guitars.

Brutal Heavy Electro

A brutal, powerful royalty free electro tune with hard beats, edgy synths, heavy pads and an ominous bass, best for extreme sports, GoPro or action contents.

Brutal Heavy Rock Metal - Loop Version

Powerful and aggressive background hot soundtrack with huge guitar riffs. Perfect for extreme sport video, action movies, trailers, games, backgrounds, films, youtube channel, web, tv advertisements, commercials, visual and many other media projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

High Gain Rock

Full of power and energy British garage rock music. Use it in your video projects for cars, bars, men’s fragrance and aggressive sports.
Yann Keerim
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