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8-Bit Heros Logo

A playful, bouncy 8 bit track. Heroes of 8 bit games, they are so cute. Playful and fun track for your videos. Let’s create together!

8-Bit World

An 8 bit game and a whole world of games from this era. What a great time it was! This track has positivity, movement and even speed. A playful and melodic track for your videos. Let's create together!

Logo Intro Jazz

A jazz intro with swing, with an upbeat, positive mood for your intro video projects. Band brass, bass, drums. Let’s create together!

Strange Detective

Strange Place Detective is a track for a thriller or detective video. Atonal sounds and mixed harmonies of orchestral sounds create a strange and wary sound. The unknown is always frightening and creates tension. Let’s create cool projects together!

Fabulous Intro Logo

A fabulous intro for a video screensaver or just for funny titles and game screensavers. Harp, violins, vibraphone, flute all these instruments create an amazing mood of fairy tales and funny characters.

Amazing Travel

Life-affirming, positive, joyful Pop dance for travel, carefree rest and love. Tropical Lighthouse. Sea, sun, friends to catch the happy moments of life. Light, playing parts of the synthesizer combined with a rhythmic groove and soft bass.


The sunrise always makes you happy and gives you new hope. It penetrates the soul and fills with joy, euphoria and charges for new achievements. The birth of a new day is happiness! The track consists of classical acoustic instruments: guitar, bass guitar, violins, piano, mute guitar and soft drums.

Best Christmas Dreams

An orchestral original track. Christmas Romantic dreams and positive mood is carried by this track. Violins, cellos, glockenspiel, percussion are all you need for a classic successful track.

The Infinity of Paradise

This is a track with a smooth and positive sound. Soft piano with strings on top, violin, cymbals, orchestral percussion, horns, bass synthesizers.


Disco track with atmospheric sound, soft synthesizers and voice hooks.

On the Blade

The blade track is dark and deep with character. The track is full of determination and deep consciousness. Synthesizers, low percussion, and cinematics effects.


Amazing time OF SPRING! When the singing of birds wakes up nature from sleep and the earth wakes up and the spring sun gives everyone warmth and prosperity. The gentle-sounding track is filled with soft violins, piano, glogenspiel, pizzicato, and long-drawn-out violin sounds. A romantic, warm and so...


Horizons is a track with a motivating and positive sound. Soft piano with strings on top, violin, cymbals, orchestral percussion, horns, bass synthesizers, kick.

Slow Dance

Melodic relaxing hip hop track with soft guitar, atmospheric synthesizers and voice hooks.

Easy Piano

Light Piano with atmospheric sound and romantic flavor. A gentle and sensual touch to the soul.


A positive chillout track with a disco mood. Airy guitars and synthesizers, piano and retro effects.

On The Way

A positive, light, rhythmic track. Melodic synthesizer parts, soft bass guitars, well-coordinated drums create a single positive mood and motivation.


The track sounds like a Breakthrough into another dimension and inexplicable. Dynamic, full of explosive dynamics and expression with cinematic sounds, percussion, synthesizers and orchestra.


Fog track is thoughtful, atmospheric, optimistic and full of hope. Soft violins, pianos and airy electronic pads. It will perfectly fill in the documentary plot and add atmosphere and volume to the video.
Yann Keerim
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