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Vocal Pop

A positive and uplifting melody. Summer, the sea and glamorous friends at pop parties, what could be more fun when life is beautiful! It will fit perfectly into your party videos, travel videos and just positive videos.


A measured, technological hip hop track. Atmospheric and steady synthesizer parts create a positive ambient mood with elements of technology.

Space Dreams

A positive, major, playful track with vocal hooks and melodic synthesizers, spatial guitar.

Great Time

There comes a time when you tell yourself that you can reach the highest and most difficult peaks or go on a journey with a balloon adventure. It’s great to know that the whole world is open to you! This positive track will give you and your video’s energy, motivate to action. Electronic, modern...

Pulse Heart

A positive, rhythmic, pulsating track. Motivational mood and hope for the future Guitar bust creates movement, soft drums, bass and piano with glockenspiel and airy synthesizers complement the sound picture of the track. Let's create cool projects together!

Just La-La-La

This track carries a romantic and cheerful mood. The retro sound created by guitars, vibraphone, voice hook, and soul drums is transferred to another dimension and relaxes in romantic notes. Let’s create cool videos together!

Joy Ride

An inspiring, soft indie pop track that creates a great mood. As a source of living water flows through the earth, giving life to all living things and filling them with its energy. All the best feelings come to life and capture us. For your best video projects. Let’s create together!

Happy Man

A charged but relaxing track with an electronic modern sound. You can enjoy music and still feel energy and positive emotions. Let’s create amazing video projects together!

Fire Overture

The track is filled with expression, fiery energy and epic power. The combination of orchestral and synthesized instruments fills the air with optimism, pushing energy and inspires victories and achievements.

Jungle Beat

An active, rhythmic and slightly aggressive percussive jungle rhythm. Excellent background voiceover of documentaries about the nature and geography of the planet Earth. Let's create cool projects together!

Magic Miracle Fairytale (Strings, Glock, Harp)

Amazing magic miracle fairytale. It’s wonderful when there are miracles in this world, they make us kinder and better. This track will fit perfectly into a fabulous video or cartoon. Let’s create together!

Energy Drive Sport

An energetic, positive track with a stringal rock guitar, voice hooks and sound effects. Listening to this track immediately imagine an active video on YouTube, Vimeo, GoPro video about extreme sport and recreation, TV shows. This energetic track will embellish and create the atmosphere of your vide...

Summer Mood

Holiday, summer mood on vacation, what could be better?! Acoustic guitar combined with soft piano and air violins. All this conveys an atmosphere of carefree and serene joy. Perfect for video travel, family videos and just positive atmospheric videos. Make your projects visible and successful. Let...

Amazing Adventures

Amazing adventures for cartoon characters. Amazing and mysterious, funny and mischievous characters always know how to find adventure. Elements of Comedy in music and playful mood. Perfectly fit into a children’s project or cartoon. Let’s create together!

Mysterious Transformation

Amazing transformation. It’s wonderful when there are miracles in this world, they make us kinder and better. This track will fit perfectly into a fabulous video or cartoon. Let’s create together!

Lullabies of Dreams

Dreams are lullabies that could be sweeter and funnier. Dreams are amazing and gentle, playful and funny. The instruments that create the mood in this track are piano, marimba, glockenspiel, children’s percussion and silver effects boxes and various rattles. Let these dreams continue and do not en...

The Adventure Begins

An adventure, bouncy, detective, comedy track. At a very fast and perky pace. Classical orchestral instruments combined with cartoon piano and percussion effects create a mood of chase and adventure.

Funny Little Men

A funny, light, minimalistic, game track using synthesizer sounds. It will fit perfectly into a cartoon, a game video, a video game.

Space Facets

Space, surround and soft track with a vintage sound. It will fit perfectly into a project that needs an atmospheric mood. Let’s create cool projects together!

Flash Pop

Uplifting, incendiary, sparkling track. Incredible voice hooks, muts and drive guitars with explosive drums and lazy bass give pleasure and create a mood and cheerfulness. It will fit perfectly into the design of videos for travel, sports and extreme sports, and just active videos. Let’s create gr...
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