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Ocean Coast

Ambient meditative soft trance track full of relaxation. Morning sunshine on Goa beach, fresh breeze and happiness.

Call of Nature

Crisp & intimate folk theme, with fingerstyle acoustic guitar on a bed of soft pads. Best for travel ads, documentaries, or outdoor footage.

Bossa Nova Elegance

Dreamy, relaxing Latin Bossa Nova with romantic cocktail lounge feel. Elegant, jazzy, nostalgic and warm, this is a perfect Latin track for your project!

A Beautiful Place in the Universe

Instrumental positive space ambient music made for electric piano, synth pads and synth plucks, ideal for science and space travel films and documentaries. Also great for relaxation and spa.

World peace (Peaceful piano and strings)

A calm composition with piano and strings, creating a peaceful atmosphere and a happy mood. Combined with calm videos, peaceful, happy, emotional themes, slideshows, social videos, etc.

Business solutions (Corporate upbeat music)

Calm corporate background music with an optimistic and light atmosphere and a good mood. Combined with presentations, technologies, corporate videos, slideshows, commercial projects, etc.

Paradise happiness (Calm relaxing ambient)

A relaxed ambient composition with warm piano, synthesizers and guitars, creating a calm atmosphere and a happy mood. Combined with documentaries, romantic, happy videos, slideshows, social media, and other projects.

Kindliness (Cheerful upbeat music)

Light spring music with an optimistic atmosphere and a cheerful mood. Combined with presentations, social, training videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Autumn Memories Talkover

A slightly melancholic string selection meets spicy synth arpeggios. Served with a smile for corporate films, commercials.

Autumn Memories

A slightly melancholic string selection meets spicy synth arpeggios. Served with a smile for corporate films, commercials.

Brand New Approach

Beautiful and peaceful music with a hopeful mood and sparkling sound. Perfect for advertising, product promos, educational videos, presentations, real estate videos, business promotional videos, inspiring speeches, atmospheric drone videos, and more.

Brightness of the Stars

Instrumental New Age and ambient electronic music, made for electric piano, synth plucks and synth pads, ideal for relaxing and peaceful situations. Also great for nature and space documentaries.

Long Run

Long Run - Progressive, relaxing, cool track featuring synths, piano, electric guitar and saxophone. BPM - 105 Instrumentation - Piano, Synths, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Marimba, Strings, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Long Run - Full version (2:23) Long Run - Soundbed (2:...

Lift Every Voice and Sing

A jazzy, lo-fi hip hop rendition of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" with a groovy beat, double bass, piano and warm guitars, best for urban, youth, or BLM footage. A "No Drums" version is also available.

Digital Corporate Technology Documentary

Modern, inspiring royalty free corporate piece, with airy plucks, pianos, strings, steady beats, and percussions. designed for technology infographics, explainers, technological animations or 3d renders, presentation of innovative soft and apps. Available Full and 2 Short variations. Digital Corp...

Ambient Inspirational

Beautiful and calm corporate track with muted guitar and piano.This background music track is perfect for documentary, advertising, presentations, commercial trailers, Corporation video, tutorials, Youtube promo, time lapse, sport, life, history, Presenter, education, film, GoPro travel footage and ...
Yann Keerim
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