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Juan Sánchez is a spanish music producer, pianist and composer based in Barcelona. He creates Ambient Classical piano driven music. His dream is to tell his own stories without lyrics, which allow people to connect with the music on an emotional level. As a recording artist, Juan Sánchez has released three albums which have received very good reviews from music bloggers and magazines. His music has been used in countless of YouTube videos as well as short films and for a video commissioned by the New English Ballet Theatre. In 2020, his second album 'Now The Silence' was a semi-finalist in the Premios MIN in Spain (Premios de la Música Independiente de España). The following year, his third album 'Touch & Sound' would also be a semi-finalist at the same awards. In 2021 he was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in the category of Best New Age/Ambient Music for his composition 'Le Grand Bleu'. During 2022, he received an InterContinental Music Award for Best New Age song with his composition “Blue Nights”. Some of Juan Sánchez music compositions have been included in the compilation album "Contemporary Classical Music" released by the Russian classical music label Oclassica. His piano composition "Rebirth" was included in the piano compilation album "Keys Of Beauty" released by the American New Age music label EverSound also featuring the music of New Age music artists such as Suzanne Ciani, John Adorney, Michele McLaughlin and others.

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All of Us

Upright felt piano neo-classical composition. Ideal for romantic, emotional, love and family video, documentary, etc.

Beautiful Rose

Elegant and emotional New Age piano music intended to create inspiration, relaxation and optimism.

Peaceful Places

Atmospheric Ambient Piano music. Great for reflective video, documentary background and emotional film scene.

Heading To Dreamland

Peaceful, dreamy and emotional Ambient/New Age piano lullaby. Great for background music in children videos, fantasy projects or other requiring a soft and sentimental atmosphere.


Calm & Emotional Ambient Classical Piano & Violin music. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional tone is needed.


Elegant and emotional Ambient Classical Piano Music. Perfect for any inspirational and motivational project.

Sands Of Time

Emotional Ambient Piano Music featuring soprano angelic/ethereal vocals and a synthesizer string arrangement. Perfect for any inspirational and motivational project.

Solo Path

Emotional Ambient Piano Music featuring soprano angelic/ethereal vocals and synthesizer strings. Great for background music in presentations, videos, films and various sentimental content.

For When It Rains

Sad & Emotional Ambient Piano Music featuring soprano angelic/ethereal vocals and atmospheric synthesizer background. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.
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