Frozen Like the Winter by Apostolos Sideris

Frozen Like the Winter

Apostolos Sideris

ID: #181877

Duration: 03:09

Frozen Like the Winter - 03:09

Track Description

This is a rare song on the album. It talks in Greek about an occupying soldier with burning eyes, who though, is unable to look the occupied in the eye, afraid of feeling compassion. It is based on a groove that I wrote and improvised on and then sent to Dimitris Klonis. What I heard back from him was an electronically manipulated drum part that made me write those lyrics. His drum sounds and phrasing had something violent and grotesque in them, in a brilliant way. Sarp Maden contributed to the song with his dreamy fretless guitar sound and Andrea Romani with his poignant flute part. It is one more song that was built with several basses, electric and acoustic, my breaths and voices, along with the prolific touch of the aforementioned guest musicians.


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