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Pop/indie track

This pop/indie track slowly progresses into a energetic finale, with an optimistic feel throughout. Inspired by contemporary pop bands. Emotive and insightful.

Optimistic thoughts

A sentimental acoustic composition with piano and pads that creates a dramatic atmosphere and an upbeat mood. Combined with sentimental, dramatic videos, optimistic, hopeful themes, slideshows, social videos, etc.

Enthusiastic Epic

An epic composition of piano and strings with an atmosphere of inspiration and optimistic mood. Combined with presentations, epic introductions, exciting performances, trailers, commercial projects, etc.

Your Own Path

Spacious and engaging film score track featuring lush strings, piano, guitar, and brass. Perfect for film underscore, TV themes, and podcast sound.

World Out There

Smooth and passionate, featuring soothing strings and piano that create an expressive, ambitious mood.

Watching The Rain

Light and expressive, featuring smooth trumpet, piano and strings that create a contemplative, passionate mood.


Light and expressive film score track featuring strings, harp, and organ. Perfect for game background music, slow motion collages, and contemplation sequences.

Not A Waltz

Delicate and passionate, featuring pleasing strings, piano and brass that create a touching, intriguing mood. This track builds throughout to a powerful, feel good climax.

Morning's For Mourning

Gentle and delicate with sad, melancholy elements, featuring expressive strings and piano that create a mournful, somber mood.

Last Of The Sun

Flowing and hopeful, featuring gentle strings, piano and mallets that create an expressive, contemplative mood.

Into The Light

Delicate and heartfelt film score track featuring smooth strings, vocal oohs, and piano. Perfect for underscore, inspirational content, and motivational content.

Chase Your Tail

Soothing and expressive, featuring warm strings, hammered dulcimer and brass that create a reflective, hopeful mood.

Mixed hopes

A kind of composition that creates an optimistic atmosphere and a hopeful mood. In combination with social, optimistic, motivational videos, commercial projects, etc.

Bright hopes

A light composition with guitars and percussions, which creates a hopeful atmosphere and an optimistic mood. The composition is combined with optimistic, encouraging, educational, social videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.
Yann Keerim
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