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Tomas Pohunek is a London-based music composer, music producer and the founder of ChordStudio. He was born into a musicians' family in Slovakia where he attended Music Conservatory taking both Trumpet and Piano Classes. His first contact with Music Production took place during his studies at the conservatory when he was working on his very first arrangements as well as performing them on the live stage then. His current production portfolio consists of a large variety of genres, especially Ambient, Corporate, Electronic, Classical and others.

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Day off

Day off - Relaxing, cool and smooth bossa nova track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, saxophone, electric guitar, strings and drums. BPM - 115 Instrumentation - Piano, Synths, Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, Strings, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums. Versions included: Day off - Full version (2:...

A Bold Path

A Bold Path - Indian, driving, electronic and exciting track featuring synths, electric organ, piano, bansuri, electric guitar and percussion. BPM - 120 Instrumentation - Synths, Piano, Electric Organ, Tabla, Bansuri, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Drums. Versions included: A Bold Path - Full vers...

Long Run

Long Run - Progressive, relaxing, cool track featuring synths, piano, electric guitar and saxophone. BPM - 105 Instrumentation - Piano, Synths, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Marimba, Strings, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Long Run - Full version (2:23) Long Run - Soundbed (2:...

Epic Story

Epic Story - Epic trailer track with an emotive and action feel featuring strings, piano and percussion. BPM - 160 Instrumentation - Strings, Choir, Piano, Una Corda, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Tuba, Harp, Timpani, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Epic Story - Full version (...

Have Fun

Have Fun - Groovy, exciting and chillout track with a good feel featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano. BPM - 100 Instrumentation - Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synths, Strings, Tuba, Trombone, Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Have ...
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