Catherine Mcgeachy

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Catherine Mcgeachy, aka Cathran, is a fresh new electronic musician and artist from Scotland that takes influence from 80's horror film soundtracks, sci-fi games and electronic music such as The Prodigy, Boards of Canada and The Chemical Brothers and filters it through her unique lens, crafting emotional and personal music. While creating unique albums and EPs, Cathran also sells music to independent game developers.

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Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
This electronica track captures the intense, raw emotions of a romantic encoutnter between lovers, perfect for emotional and dramatic scenes.

Contact Beach

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A relaxing electronica track with thick synth layers, this ambient music is perfect chilled scenes on a beach or thoughtful moments in nature.

Angels of the Forest

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A foreboding, horror-electronica track inspired by the The Blair Witch Project and The Ritual this music is perfect for building tension and fear in an alien or forest environment.

Twinkle Like a Star

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
An energetic, twinkling track full of movement and fun, this electronic track is perfect for children of all ages.

The Stalker

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
An 80's-style synth track inspired by the work of John Carpenter - this captures the tension of being pursued by an unknown force where your only option is to run.

Desperate for Nothing

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A down-tempo and emotional track with spacious synths capturing the desperate feeling of unwanted emotions and memories.

Android Dance

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
This track combines arpeggiated synth and electronic vocalisations to create a futuristic atmosphere.

Abandoned Station

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A beatless synth track that captures the empty feeling of old structures long abandoned. Perfect for urban exploration videos.

Carrot Pine Soda

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A fun and upbeat techno track. Perfect for energetic dance and party scenes.

Fighting in the Rain

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
Inspired by martial arts movies, this electronic track packs a punch. Perfect for energetic scenes.

Rainbow Mist

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A slowly pulsing, ambient synth track with many colourful layers that captures the feeling of an alien forest.

Asteroid Emergence

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
This is a beatless, creepy synth track inspired by the original War of the Worlds film and H.P Lovecraft's The Colour out of Space novel. It aims to capture the disturbing feeling of learning that we are not alone in the universe and that our neighbours are not friendly.


Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A dramatic and melancholic track that uses traditional Japanese instruments with a hint of modern synthesizers.

Campsie Fells

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A nostalgic electronica track named after the beautiful mountains of Scotland. This track would fit perfectly into travel videos and emotional films.

Bismuth Ocean

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A mysterious, atmospheric, ambient synth track - perfect for enhancing an alien feeling or complicated state of mind.

Goodbye Old Computer

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
An upbeat, motivating and looping electronica track with a hint of nostalgia, perfect for videos featuring machines and computers.


Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A cool dubstep and trap inspired track, great for background music in videos.

The Ghost Dimension

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A haunting electronic track with ethereal twinkles and a lingering, creepy-crawling background. Perfect for haunted mansions, graveyards or other spooky environments.

Sunset Party

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
An afro-pop track with a relaxed party atmosphere that evokes warm sands and relaxed environments.

Road to Recovery

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
An electronica track with a positive and emotional vibe. Perfect for life montages and reflective moments.
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