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At the Cliff Edge

This item is a Epic orchestral sound with edgy strings riff,epic percussion sound,large choir section and some additional percussion. Epic,energetic,solemn atmosphere should fit to action movie and fighting scene of RPG game.

Action Trailer

"This item is created for EPIC,Cinematic,Action Movie trailer. Very Powerful and energetic sound. piano,strings,cinematic percussion and Horns are used. Harp and Choir is also used. Good for any project which needs punchy,braver background. For example,Fighting Game,Action Movie and so on. This m...

Brutal Beat

Brutal, and tech heavy sound.with mechanical synthesizer arpeggio. Modern and aggressive music. This should fit to any movies which needs excitement and tension,like battle scene,extreme sports and so on


This track is combination of Digital drums sound and electric piano with wah effects and some othere synth elements. best Suitable for back ground music of si-fi movie

Delightful Moment

This track is Pop/Rock style.inspired by U2. Bracing,delightful,very positive sound.consisted with rock instrumentation and electric guitar with delay effects.

Dreams Come True

Motivational music which should fit as BGM for business advertisement Powerful and positive sound based on dance music style. U2 style bracing guitar riff is also featured.

Digital Step

This track is modern sounding.Suitable for Si-fi movie background. some eccentric synth sound,moog bass and electric guitar.

Hard Tech Loop

"“Hard Tech Loop” is energetic,groovy track. Fat Drum groove,Synth Bass, Electric Piano,Marimba with some unique effects and Modern Sound FX. This item is looped audio. You can use it endlessly in your products. This item should fit any creative products,movie,game,presentation,ad,you...


Pop/Rock style Majestic sounding BGM. Start off with Piano riff and orchestral Strings. Drums and Bass comes in to create groove. 2 distorted electric guitar and beautiful high strings creates climax. Good for game,BGM for Movie etc

Solid Dance Groove

Energetic and solid Dance music groove,4/4kicks and pumped bass and synth sound with some additional percussion,transitional material like wind noise and reversed piano and so on.It start off with wide synth mallet sound,bright,glassy pad with percussive loop. It is built up with powerful dance 4/4 ...


Elegant piano and string track. positive and encouraging sound. Instrumentation, Piano,violins,viola,cello,double bass,percussion. This track should provide motivational atmosphere to your products

Elegant Piano

Very slow relaxed Piano Music. This item is elegant,luxury feel,very calm piano chords and rich wood bass sound is the main factor. Some percussion like sleigh bell,finger snap,and shaker are added to create variation to each section.


Synth heavy dance track. powerful groove with catchy melody. Tight and energetic drums and pumped bass create Powerful groove. Piano and synthe lead add catchy melody.

Excitement Guaranteed

Funky,danceable,horn featured track. Groovy acoustic drums and Funky Slap bass drives groove. 2 electric guitar add even more funkness. simple horn riff is characteristic of this track. This item is looped audio

Flaoting Dream

This track is warm ambient sound for BGM. Relaxed groove with dreamy atmosphere. Instrumentation: Electric Piano, synth Pad,bell,Drums and some ambient fx

Happy Advertisement Loop

8seconds of Latin influenced music for advertisement background. Perfect to set fun,happy,cheerful feel.Best fits to kids music Simple piano and Electric guitar riff are main instruments Afro Percussion and another Electric guitar stroke creates Lain groove.

Guitar Pop Rock1

This is simple Pop/Rock,country pop/rock with a sense of bracing and refreshing. The ensemble have created a lot of overdubbing guitar, power chords Strumming of two acoustic guitars, two distortion guitar , crunch guitar arpeggios, and bottle neck guitar.

Just On Time

Hard Rock with some modern synthesizer. Electric guitar is really featured. Powerful and Heavy. This track should fit action game,or any kind of production which need music support for sense of speed and power.

Kids Fun Loop

This is short musical loop of cute sound. Bouncy happy beat created with synth drums and bass. Marimba plays simple melody.


Acoustic Piano and orchestral Strings creates epic,cinematic sound. Simple,beautiful piano riff is repeated through entire song as main theme. Strings supports harmony and counter line. Some orchestral percussion reinforce the wide cinematic sound

Machine Dance

This track is energetic hard rock/pop.Combination of Powerful rock music with strings and brass and some synth sound. This track is intended to represent kid’s brave. this should fit fighting hero anime or some movie with feeling of stir.
Yann Keerim
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