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Grinding Game

I don’t know where the title for this one came from, I guess there is a sense of playfulness but also of a certain struggle in the theme of the track. It is based on Arabic music, especially the music of the Arabian peninsula, with its microtonal melody and its African-like syncopation. My good fr...

Until The End

Until The End is a powerful track made for inspiring, reflective and motivational projects (youtube videos, video games, movies, events, etc.). This beautiful action track features real instruments (Electric guitars, strings, piano, keyboards, drum and bass). It’s a powerful and beautiful piece th...

Hit the Bass - New Orleans Brass

A Bebop inspired track for New Orleans Brass ensemble featuring Trumpets, Trombone, Saxes, Tuba and Drums. Trumpet solo, Alto Sax solo.

Funky fugue - Trumpet quartet

A Trumpet quartet composition in the Baroque style that then changes to a jazz style with a solo for one of the Trumpets. Starts and ends with big dramatic theme, the middle section is in 3/4 time.

In a dream - Jazz trio

A Miles Davis, cool jazz inspired piece. Perfect for relaxing. Featuring muted Trumpet, Piano & Bass.

Samba fun

A melodic Samba, featuring a Flugelhorn duet with Guitar, Bass & Percussion accompaniment. Lively harmon muted Trumpet jazz towards the end of the piece.

So sad

A beautiful slow Latin Rumba, performed by solo Flugelhorn with Guitar, Bass, Strings & Percussion accompaniment.

Inspiring Slow Build

This epic instrumental will blow your mind, as it builds and builds to an unbelievable level of intensity, whilst retaining the same gentle-paced repetitive musical theme throughout. Gorgeous atmospheric textures from the piano and strings and accompanied by bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric gu...

Ala Pink Floyd

Intense, atmospheric, space rock monster. Huge guitars mix with electronic elements & strings to produce highly cinematic, adrenaline-fueled beasties that would suit thriller / action / sports projects,Pink Floyd
Yann Keerim
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