Composer Zac Nelson

Zac Nelson is a composer of infectious but thoughtful songs and instrumentals. His main project is a folky collaboration with the talented American Brook McWhorter, who can be heard on `Life Is Wonderful' and a growing list of other songs. Zac also has a variety of tracks in diverse genres that showcase the depth of his song-writing talent, including a range of timeless rock songs from The Dead Storm. Zac regularly provides sample-library demo tracks for prestigious companies like 8DIO and EastWest. Recently his song `Life is Wonderful' won an Australian song-writing competition with a cash prize of $5k, and in early 2015 it was selected for some TV placements, as was `Jericho' and `Sensation'. 2015 also saw some nice results from international song competitions, with `Life Is Wonderful' winning one and `Dying For More' victorious on two occasions. In 2016, songs that were signed to music libraries have begun to yield some good television placements on reality TV shows.
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Epic Modern Rock Vocal Hook

This is a truly epic, emotional, thrilling rock instrumental. It opens with the main vocal hook, which has a brilliant modern rock sound similar to bands like 30 Second To Mars, Kings Of Leon, My Chemical Romance, Switchfoot and Fallout Boy. The basic rock instrumentation of drums, bass and guita...

Superhero Adventure Soundtrack

An exciting orchestral score, which would be at home in any Hollywood blockbuster or inspirational highlights reel. The orchestral flourishes create a rousing, emotional, and stirring theme spread between moments of anticipation.

Stranger Things Electronic

Heavily inspired by the iconic opening theme to the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, this cool retro 80s styled synth soundtrack is perfect for Halloween themed videos, suspense, tension, technology, computers, late night images, night clubs, horror, thrillers, driving scenes, hacking, investigat...

Epic Post Rock

A searing, nail-biting epic post-rock instrumental with the most intense euphoric thrilling main hook you will EVER hear, just wait until you are 45 seconds in when the tense build-up pays off in a way you could never imagine!

Beautiful Peaceful Inspiration

Gorgeous ambient textures and lush orchestral colours combine with exotic world music percussion in this uplifting peaceful instrumental. I can imagine it being suited to documentary footage, drone video shots, underwater filming, sea life, wildlife, oceans, waves, whales, beautiful horizons, saili...

Retro 70s Metal

A tribute to 70s heavy metal blues rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Cream, and Wolfmother. Sludgy, heavy guitar and bass riffs, vivid retro organ solos, and busy tom fills on the rock drums all capture the essence of the era.

Happy Indie Pop Jingle

A carefree, upbeat indie pop instrumental that is the perfect advertising background. Featuring jangly guitars, an infectious beat, cute ukelele and later on some trumpet hooks.

Dark Electronic Pulse

A pulsing electronic instrumental with a driving kick drum beat which is perfectly suited to late night, action-oriented, suspenseful, technological metropolitan imagery, whether it is a dystopian future with a chase sequence or a cool car video.

Celtic Vocal Soundtrack

Gorgeous Celtic soprano voices flow gently as this inspiring soundtrack theme swells, coloured with lush layers of orchestration.

Emotional Post Rock

This is an inspiring, spine-tingling post rock instrumental with an incredible conclusion that reaches an extreme climax after building for 2 minutes. Please listen all the way to the end in order to hear the full range of emotion in this stirring track! The post rock style is inspired by artists su...

Merry Christmas

You will be delighted by this jaunty, bright Christmas-themed orchestral instrumental, which captures the imagination with thoughts of reindeer, sleigh rides, snowball fights, glittering snow, joy, laughter, shopping, Christmas trees and nostalgia! Like a soundtrack from any classic Hollywood Xmas f...

Hollywood Oscars Red Carpet

A bright adventurous orchestral instrumental, with a classic American big city big-band flavour, which sounds like shopping in New York on an exciting Christmas evening full of decorations and laughter and shiny objects. The bright colourful orchestration includes lots of percussion, bells, strings,...

Modern Rock Anthem

This is an energetic, epic rock instrumental with anthemic non-lyrical vocal hooks. Conjures the slick but raw sound of bands like Jimmy Eat World or Fallout Boy.

Romantic Acoustic Guitar And Strings

A gorgeous sweeping cinematic soundtrack, that sounds like it was in your favourite big screen Hollywood western, romance, or epic film. It features a delicate, memorable melody on a classical guitar, supported by gentle orchestral strings. The violins soar majestically midway through the track, as ...

News Theme

A thrilling orchestral news theme, featuring a trumpet fanfare, strings, percussion, and choir. Very recognisable for the genre, and perfect for TV, advertising, radio, and any other media. The orchestral flourishes are similar to great composers like John Williams, Marc Shaiman, Aaron Copland an...

Ambient Soprano Aria

This gorgeous, lush ambient composition soars majestically, and would be perfect for exotic soundtrack, imagery of flying, advertising, slow motion video, etc. I personally think it would be ideal for an airline commercial! It has classical aria influences that may remind you of famous compositions ...

Celtic Romantic Soundtrack

A gorgeous, emotional orchestral composition featuring passionate Celtic-styled performances on solo cello and solo violin, accompanied in the climactic parts by the Uilleann Pipes, which is a signature Celtic sound you will be familiar with from some of the all-time greatest film soundtracks. Other...

Romantic Soundtrack

Like a classic movie film theme, this gorgeous soundtrack starts gently and evolves into some spine tingling moments of joy and release.

Retro Classic Rock

Classic rock instrumental, conjuring the 70s sound of bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother and AC/DC. Killer 70s-style drum fills and raw guitar riffs; a simple meat-and-potatoes style from another era.

Wedding String Quartet

This elegant, romantic classical-styled string quartet composition features pristine cello, viola and violin recordings and evokes the majesty and ceremonial march of well-known pieces like Pachelbel’s Canon or The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

Delicate Romantic Piano

Please relax and enjoy this gorgeous delicate piano solo. The romantic classical-inspired melody has a sense of timelessness and luxury. Perfect for advertising luxury and refined products, such as wine, restaurants, holidays, fine cars etc. Also perfect for a dramatic scene of introspection, ref...
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