Grinding Game by Apostolos Sideris

Grinding Game

Apostolos Sideris

ID: #181884

Duration: 02:28

Grinding Game - 02:28

Track Description

I don’t know where the title for this one came from, I guess there is a sense of playfulness but also of a certain struggle in the theme of the track. It is based on Arabic music, especially the music of the Arabian peninsula, with its microtonal melody and its African-like syncopation. My good friend and fantastic oudist Attab Haddad added so much to the overall feeling of the piece. Leo Genovese took the liberty and added a peculiar microtonal keyboard solo, meshing in his own special way the playing of the likes of Lenny Tristano to the 70s keyboardists of Egyptian popular music. Honestly, although it was a shock to me at first to listen to his solo, upon listening to it for the second time I realized its brilliance and innovative spirit!


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