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Time [PACK]

Time is an epic trailer featuring a full orchestra, hitting drums, sharp beams, and futuristic sound design! Clock ticking will undoubtedly make your project more attractive and outstanding. This empowering piece of music will be a great soundtrack for your amazing projects such as slide shows, teas...


"Superhuman" A World Hip Hop/Trap album produced by Isaiah Weatherspoon, with the goal to create: "The Premier World Hiphop Soundtrack" using musical elements of Hybrid Hiphop 808s along with World drums, flutes and ethnic strings with hard hitting trap snares to top it off! All music here is One S...

Insane Plan [PACK]

Insane Plan is a modern, epic & intense Hollywood-style trailer cue that slowly builds up to a hard-hitting, high-impact cinematic trailer track. This item is perfect for use as film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, film/movie scenes, video projects, angry and driving videos, c...

Fresh And Fit - Fitness Motivation Trap

Futuristic, high-powered, motivational and hard-hitting future bass trap audio background! It has a great build up, grizzly bass, thunderous brass and atmospheric synths, all topped up with earth-shattering drums! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, , Boxing, Auto vlogs, Tutorials, Fitness,...

Bounce The Fun Trucks - Ethnic Balkan Trap Banger

Ethnic, Ready For The Club, High-powered, Motivational and Hard-hitting future bass trap audio background! It has a great build up, grizzly bass, thunderous brass and atmospheric synths, all topped up with earth-shattering drums! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, , Boxing, Auto vlogs, Tut...


Hard hitting nu metal track with chugging riffs, thunderous drums, and a thriller suspense vibe. Great for sports, action, adventure, and urban lifestyle content

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content

Burn Baby Burn

hard hitting hiphop track with funk elements. Aggressive, epic, funky vibe with sampled vocal stabs, horns, funky guitars, groovy bass, and hiphop drums

Boiling Blood

Powerful suspenseful track featuring razor sharp guitars, hard-hitting percussive sounds draped in nervous synthesizers. Will work very well in games, trailers or any other media seeking tense musical underscoring.

Lock And Load

Dark hard-hitting trailer track featuring toxic sounding synthesizers, guitars, heavy percussion and ominous sound design. The build-up and segmentation in different parts enables editors to easily navigate the cues they need.

In Your Face

A tense, powerful royalty free rock tune with hard hitting drums, crazy bass riffs and distorted guitars, big hits and reversed sfx, perfect for action, game and sports trailers, intros or openers.

Operation Suspense

A dark suspenseful action track driven onward by heavy hitting percussion, the sound of menacing cello's and horns.

Alien Encounter

Hybrid electronic and industrial track featuring heavy synthesizers, distorted guitars and aggressive drums. The hard-hitting, tense mood makes this track perfect to use in games, films, trailers or any production seeking an original high quality musical outfit.

Happy Millennials - Viral Inspiring Future Bass

Futuristic, high-powered, motivational and hard-hitting future bass audio background! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, Fitness, Travel, Photography and Sports videos!

Tougher Than You Thought (Powerful Heavy Metal) [PACK]

An intense, hard-hitting music track that makes an impact with its extreme energy and adrenaline. It features overdriven, distorted electric guitars, bulky sounding bass, percussion and forceful drums. Perfect for commercials, advertising, film score, movie soundtrack, action-packed scenes, sports v...

Spy Mission [PACK]

An energetic and tense rock track with overdrive guitars, epic guitar solo, beefy bass guitar, and hard-hitting drums. It is ideal for action-packed blockbuster scenes with a feel similar to a James Bond or Mission Impossible main theme. Its vigour, punch and power also makes it a perfect background...

Action Adventure Rock [PACK]

Powerful and energetic cinematic and motivational hard rock track featuring Featuring distorted action bass, hard-hitting drums, adrenaline overdrive guitar riffs and motivational piano and strings. great for TV, radio and web advertising, lifestyle, sport, racing, video game soundtracks, podcasting...

Huge and Powerful EDM

This is a massive and energetic dance track with cool synths, fat bass, hard-hitting drums, and stylish sound effects. The aggressive and driving mood will fill your project with energy. The track is perfect for radio / TV commercials, private videos, sport and party videos, promos, openers, announ...
Yann Keerim
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