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Romantic wedding piano

Romantic, peaceful piano and strings, immersing in the atmosphere of love and giving a happy mood.

Holiday positive music

Cheerful positive music with a holiday atmosphere and a happy mood.

Romantic (wedding soft slideshow piano)

Easy romantic piano with the strings in a very relaxing atmosphere with a wonderful mood.

Touching relaxed background music

Soft relaxed upbeat background music with keyboards, strings and synthesizer, creating a favorable atmosphere and peaceful mood.

Business technology presentation

I present to you corporate track featuring guitar, piano percussia and create a wonderful atmosphere for a video or slide show and in a good mood.

Positive business corporate

Calm positive corporate background music with a pleasant atmosphere and mood of success.

Fun corporate background (uplifting music)

Funny corporate motivational positive background, nice atmosphere and easy maintenance.

Soft corporate background

Relaxed corporate background music with piano, guitars and percussion, creating a favorable atmosphere light and positive mood.

Fun party celebration background music

Positive cheerful background music with guitars, piano, organ and percussion to celebrate a party with a happy atmosphere and a happy mood.

Optimistic motivation hip hop loop

Optimistic hip hop composition with electric pianos, strings and drums, creating a motivational atmosphere and hopeful.

Hold infographic technology music

A cheerful background loop background with guitars, drums and synth creates the perfect atmosphere for your work and charges the optimistic mood. Combined with infographic materials, presentations and corporate videos.

Happy event (Inspirational cinematic orchestral background)

Inspiring classical, composition, create a positive atmosphere and happy mood. It is combined with any positive, happy and romantic projects.

Corporate developments (commercial, background, business, advertising)

Easy positive corporate background for presentations, commercials, slideshows, pleasant atmosphere of success and good mood. Contains instruments: pianos, electric guitars, percussion, drums, pad, strings and effects.

Business successful background

A calm positive corporate background with guitars, bass, pianoforte, percussions and synthesizers, creating a favorable atmosphere and a good mood. It is combined with presentations, festive and corporate videos.

Improvement happy upbeat background

Light optimistic background with strings, piano and percussion, creating a cheerful atmosphere of happiness and uplifting.

Rainbow Rhythm - Energetic Upbeat Percussion - Stomp Clap

An energetic, upbeat and powerful percussion track. Youthful uplifting stomps and claps fused with high energy EDM builds and punctuated with vocal shouts ‘Hey!’. Perfect for commercials, openers, intros, Youtube, video games, documentaries, drone footage, time-lapse, etc. Many hit points and ea...

Space Travel to Distant Stars

Instrumental positive ambient music made for synthesizers and soundscapes, best for space travel and futuristic topics in films, tv series and clips, and nature documentaries. Also great for relaxation, natural healing therapies, reiki, yoga and meditation.

Fun At The Beach [Loop]

A fun, carefree music beat played with organ, bass and different synth sounds. It loops seamlessly.

Glitch Drums - Main

Glitched drums with low kick, snare, reverse claps, hi hats, glitches, noises, synths and other percussion. Perfect for typography, intro, presentations, commercials, trailers, movies, teasers, action scenes, extreme sport, motion graphics and more!
Yann Keerim
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