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WHITE CAT MUSIC offers tracks and songs for a wide variety of media production purposes. We utilize high quality gear and software. We collaborate with several talented musicians, singers and songwriters. We strive for quality, originality and attention to details. Our music is largely produced with real music instruments played by real musicians - we try to avoid using samples and loops, unless strictly necessary. We really care about music and - yes - we love cats!

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A New Summer Morning

A delicate, melodic acoustic track, mostly based on acoustic guitar and piano, but with some effective cinematic, orchestral elements. Very descriptive and versatile, ideal soundtrack for a wide variety of production themes and uses, including commercials, travel, cooking, family, documentary.

Inspiring Journey

Inspirational, energetic pop-rock background track. The instrumentation builds up as the song progresses. After a short break, the final section becomes even more powerful and inspiring. It's perfect for promotional and motivational videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, Y...

Reach For The Moon

Anthemic, energetic rock track, simple but extremely powerful and inspiring. A number of useful variations and changes in dynamics and intensity are present. Ideal as background for productions related to action, sports, motivation, achievement, inspiration.

Night Hunter

Energetic, epic hard rock track, with plenty of interesting and useful variations. Various cinematic, descriptive elements add a strong sense of drama and anticipation. There's even a calm interlude, very useful for descriptive purposes, which then resolves again in a dramatic final section. Seamles...

Keep Your Chin Up

A groovy track with a reggae / ska feel, energetic horns and even a touch of a vintage rock sound. Overall, a truly versatile track which will be perfect for a variety of productions, especially where a positive, optimistic, fun, energetic and confident moods are needed. 60 seconds edit and loop edi...

Poker Game

Instrumental version of a retro pop-rock ballad, straight from the 50s and 60s, with traditional piano and horns parts and a sweet guitar solo in the final section. Reminiscent of many famous odlies and doo-wop songs. Ideal for productions related to memories, nostalgia and vintage atmospheres and t...

Deep Breath

Atmospheric, electronic track, very descriptive and narrative, with a slow, hypnotic tempo. The beginning is sparse, then it builds up to a more dense, pulsating middle section. The ending is more peaceful and harmonic. The track provides a lot of variation in terms of intensity and sounds. Ideal so...

At First Sight

A smooth jazz ballad played by a cocktail jazz trio, with brushed drums, upright bass and piano. Melodic and pleasant, very versatile. Think of romance, peacefulness, reflection, conversations or even nostalgia and melancholy.

Rise To The Top

Vibrant, energetic pop-rock track, very catchy and powerful. Different sections of the track provide plenty of production variety and flexibility. Ideal for corporate or motivational videos, sports, action, adventure or any production where a sense of success, inspiration and achievement is needed. ...


Powerful rock ballad, with energetic, bold, unforgettable guitar parts. Different sections of the track provide variety in terms of mood and energy level. Perfect for productions related to sports, action, motivation, competition, determination. Short edits and loops also available.

Spaghetti Surf

Instrumental rock track reminiscent of Rocakbilly retro sounds and guitars. Think of Tarantino movies and atmospheres. Ideal for productions where a sense of suspense, caution, mystery, tension, anticipation and revenge are needed.


Anthemic, atmospheric rock track, with a nice build up that creates anticipation and leads to a more powerful middle section, with an inspiring guitar solo. Each section of the song provides a slightly different atmosphere. Ideal background track for any production in which a sense of drama, passion...

Outdoor Cooking

Joyful, upbeat acoustic track, featuring the most typical instruments of the folk and country tradition, such as mandolin, fiddle, banjo and lap-steel guitar. It's the perfect track to convey a sense of joy and optimism. Ideal for commercials and scenes related to friendship, family, having a good t...

The Sky Of Ireland

A lively, upbeat celtic folk track, featuring the authentic sounds of the Irish tradition, including fiddle and flute. Melodic and earthy, this track will convey a sense of joy, happiness, serenity, hope, peace of mind.

Remember When

Smooth and elegant jazzy track, featuring classic guitar and trumpet playing a sweet, memorable melody over a laid-back gypsy jazz rhythm guitar. Reminiscent of classic jazz tunes, this track will create a romantic, nostalgic, hopeful mood.

Country Blues Attitude

Authentic country-blues track, with a classic shuffle groove and lots of attitude. It's the Americana tradition at its best. The first section is sparse, with no drums and bass. Then the band comes in and the energy explodes. Seamless loop, no drums and no lead guitar variations are also available.

Nostalgic Klezmer Moon

All acoustic track, played by real musicians, in the traditional folk tradition of eastern Europe. Lead melody played by a beautiful violin. Sparse and melodic, warm and vintage, it's ideal to convey nostalgic, melancholic, romantic moods. No lead (bed) version and seamless loop edit also available.

Feels Like Sunday

A smooth, gentle acoustic ballad, with acoustic guitar and piano, very atmospheric, serene, peaceful, melodic. The lyrics talk about the simple pleasures of daily life, ideal for productions related to family, home, friends, love. Instrumental versions and short edits also available.

Endless Sky

Open roads, inspiring sceneries, a clear path towards a better, happier future. This melodic, acoustic track is all about that sense of serene joy to which we all aspire. It is also a very versatile track, perfect for a variety of different situations: think of family, harmony, nature, love and frie...
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