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Treasure Life Moments

Beautiful, emotional and inspiring melody with development and attenuation. Played on acoustic guitar and piano. In different versions of the track has drums and strings. Perfect for romantic movies, wedding, family movie, slide show, motivating and inspiring videos, presentations and other projects...

Change Your Life

Motivational and inspirational corporate rock track. It is perfect for your presentations, promotional videos, corporate videos, and other media.


A pop instrumental, coldplay sounds, with an acoustic guitar melody and a climax towards the ending

Until The End

Until The End is a powerful track made for inspiring, reflective and motivational projects (youtube videos, video games, movies, events, etc.). This beautiful action track features real instruments (Electric guitars, strings, piano, keyboards, drum and bass). It’s a powerful and beautiful piece th...

Falling Apart For You

Emotional pop and cinematic track made for inspiring and reflective projects (youtube videos, video games, movies, events, etc.). This beautiful track features real instruments (strings, piano, keyboards, drum and upright bass). It’s a powerful and beautiful piece that can lift any emotional scene...

Christmas Night Lights

Beautiful and uplifting Christmas track. This inspirational and hopeful piece is great for many types of projects (youtube videos, movies, events, films etc.) It features a piano, strings, and a glokenspiel and bells.

A New Momentum [Inspiration/Powerful]

An inspiring, elegant and powerful background track, perfect to set a motivational and productive mood. Starting with a simple strings motive, progresses to reach a powerful and inspiring conclusion with powerful and energizing percussion. Great for inspiring and motivational projects, including co...


A positive and optimistic acoustic track with guitars, piano, upright bass and pop drums-percussion. Uplifting and inspirational pop building up with a beautiful staccato piano sound accompanied by acoustic guitar. This is energizing, positive & inspiring high quality soft pop.Romantic electric guit...


Cheerful and positive corporate business track. Perfect for your media projects. Smooth music with summery vibe, uplifting feel for advertisement commercial film. Full version (5:17) Light version (2:16)

Melodic Inspirational Backgroun

'Melodic Inspirational Background' is an uplifting, warm, motivational and inspiring background track, suitable for company videos, ads, commercials, Youtube videos, movies, documentaries and many other application. The track contains a nice piano arpeggio, surrounded with an uplifting drumbeat, bas...

Upbeat Corporate Pop

Perfect for Travel/Corporate Video, YouTube, Business Presentations, TV Commercials, Advertising, TV/Radio Broadcast, Slideshow, Sport, Website, Online, Film.

Happy Corporate

Uplifting, corporate pop track, with positive atmosphere. Perfect for Video production, youtube video, corporate video, advertising, websites, presentations, podcats, TV and more commercial projects.

Motivational & Uplifting Advertising

Motivational and inspiring pop rock track suitable for advertising, sports, presentations, youtube videos and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, synthesizers and drums. Influences: Coldplay
Yann Keerim
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