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A completely electronic atmosphere provided by different pad synths, the texture is constantly developing.

Through The Spectra

This is a fantasy introspective cue driven by a Harp. Later it develops into a synthy texture, which can work for science fiction projects, although it can be edited to just use the first part that not yet has the synthy vibe.

Where Is My House?

Uplifting mid-tempo electronic dance music track. It can work for a project with a modern and youthful aesthetic.


This is an action/chase cue driven by strings and a constant percussion texture.


This is an emotional/dramatic cue that employes a modern orchestral sound. The harp provides a continuous motion. It develops going from a small to a big sound. The main melody is played by the Piano, then Strings and finally full orchestra.

The Game Plan

This is a hidden camera/dark comedy cue. It has an organic band sound, where the pizz string and the piano have a leading role. The texture develops through the usage of organ and different percussion instruments such as latin percussion and marimba.


This is a crime/suspense track. It has a mysterious vibe achieved with synth textures and a simple melody. As it develops the strings add motion and the drums a groove. It can work as a title sequence for a crime show and as underscore.


Futuristic/hacking cue. Completely electronic based with a constant pulse and a developing texture. It can work for science fiction and cyberpunk projects.

Reach For The Moon

Anthemic, energetic rock track, simple but extremely powerful and inspiring. A number of useful variations and changes in dynamics and intensity are present. Ideal as background for productions related to action, sports, motivation, achievement, inspiration.

The Ukulele Front Porch Blues

A bluesy, lively track, with a smooth folk / country vibe. Based on ukulele, slide guitar, piano and accordion. A great track to convey a laid back and yet lively, authentic feeling. Think of relaxing with friends, enjoying a beer and the simple things in life.

Road To Success

This is a highly motivational track, a combination of energy and melody full of optimism, inspiration, confidence and hope. A great track for a wide variety of corporate and business uses: advertising, presentations, demo videos, promos, etc. Enjoy!

Rising Again

A beautiful, emotional track that offers a variety of moods and melodic atmospheres. It starts quietly and then builds up to a majestic orchestral mid-section. The finale goes back to a nostalgic mood with solo violin and baritone sax. A great track for many kinds of productions. Four different 60 s...

Hey, Go!

You can achieve anything you want, the sky is the limit. Just Go! This is it. It's an extremely positive track, full of enthusiasm, joy and optimism. A true motivational anthem, with inspiring guitar riffs in the style of U2 and Coldplay and an enthusiastic choir in the final part. Hey, go!

Finding Our Way

A very sweet, lively acoustic song. The lyrics talk about the many, simple things that make our life worth living and interesting - think of romance, daily life, couples, finding happiness and peace in the little things. It's a little piece of realistic musical poetry. Perfect for many kind of uses

Lead The Change

This is very a dynamic and energetic track, perfect as background for a variety of productions where a positive and confident atmosphere is needed, especially (but not only) for advertising, promo videos and similar corporate uses.
Yann Keerim
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