Sebastián Morales - 9 tracks

Sebastián Morales is a Chilean Film Composer and Songwriter. He has composed music for documentaries, short films and animations. He possesses a versatile compositional language, moving from orchestral to electronic music and mixtures of both. He studied Film Scoring in New York, obtaining a Master’s Degree from NYU in 2019. He is currently working on the release of his first album as a solo artist “Océanos Urbanos”. In 2017 he released the EP “Cuando llegue el invierno” with the band “La Mandarina Ácida”

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A completely electronic atmosphere provided by different pad synths, the texture is constantly developing.

Through The Spectra

This is a fantasy introspective cue driven by a Harp. Later it develops into a synthy texture, which can work for science fiction projects, although it can be edited to just use the first part that not yet has the synthy vibe.

Where Is My House?

Uplifting mid-tempo electronic dance music track. It can work for a project with a modern and youthful aesthetic.


This is an action/chase cue driven by strings and a constant percussion texture.


This is an emotional/dramatic cue that employes a modern orchestral sound. The harp provides a continuous motion. It develops going from a small to a big sound. The main melody is played by the Piano, then Strings and finally full orchestra.

The Game Plan

This is a hidden camera/dark comedy cue. It has an organic band sound, where the pizz string and the piano have a leading role. The texture develops through the usage of organ and different percussion instruments such as latin percussion and marimba.


This is a crime/suspense track. It has a mysterious vibe achieved with synth textures and a simple melody. As it develops the strings add motion and the drums a groove. It can work as a title sequence for a crime show and as underscore.


Futuristic/hacking cue. Completely electronic based with a constant pulse and a developing texture. It can work for science fiction and cyberpunk projects.
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