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Cinematic (A Hero Rises)

This is very light, sentimental and soft music track with slow thoughtful and airy mood. Delightful piano harmony with orchestral instruments creates gentle, inspiring and love music background. Enveloping and carefree atmosphere allows think and dream about the most romantic and pure moments.

Sweet Night

Cool inspiring electronic track, featured with modern synths, beautiful plucks, smooth pads, deep bass and punchy beats, creates future discovery and scientific atmosphere. Perfect for commercial and tv projects

Behind the Mask

A dark piano and synth track, creating an anxious and mysterious atmosphere, rising to a dramatic climax. Great for tension scenes, trailers, videos and any project requiring an atmospheric and intense music.

Returning Home

A melodic orchestral track with a calm harp and woodwinds opening, leading to a full orchestra emotional climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos, presentations and wherever a sentimental atmosphere is needed.

Whispering Love

A calm and emotional piano track with soft background strings, creating a sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere. Great for background music is videos, presentations, films and wedding content.

Around Midnight

Relaxing jazz track with saxophone, piano, electric guitar, acoustic bass and drums. Good for podcast, study, coffee shop, restaurant atmosphere, sleep, elevator music, chill bar ambience, romantic dinner and more.

Southern Colors

Cozy and sunny Latin jazz music with electric guitar, piano and drums. Perfect for coffee shop atmosphere, restaurant and bar ambience, elevator music, study, podcast and more.

Morning Walk

Smooth, relaxing and easy listening jazz music with piano, drums, guitar and vibraphone featuring. Good track for podcasts, vlogging, cozy coffee shop ambiance, restaurant atmosphere, study and more.

Winter Calm

Introducing “Lo-Fi Warm Calm Coffee Shop” – a captivating and nostalgic lo-fi hip-hop music track perfect for vlogs, travel videos, lifestyle content, urban footages, and more. Immerse your audience in a warm and cozy atmosphere with its soulful melodies, soothing beats, and vintage samples. T...

Old Synthwave

Melodic track in retro dance style 80s all knowledge as retrowave or synthwave. Plunge into the atmosphere of the night city, neon lights and hot summer sun on the beaches of the Miami. I used the sounds of vintage drum machines, analog synthesizers.

Space Travels

Wondrous orchestral Sci-Fi theme, an epic film score music unfolding a fantastical outer space journey getting more and more agitated. Amazing harmonic progressions help to create a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere, with passionate strings, majestic brass, evocative opera choirs and pressing perc...

Hostile Alien Planet - Vintage Scifi

Eerie and disturbing background orchestral music with elements of vintage Sci-Fi or Horror Hollywood movies: tremolo vibraphone, ghostly theremin, dissonances, tone clusters, thrilling sound effects. Shadowy, mysterious atmosphere with some sort of sneaky intention, hypnotic purpose or evil threat.

Hawaii Is A Paradise

Laidback relaxed Hawaiian traditional music whisks you away to a tropical island. Lazy ukulele strumming chords and mellow lapsteel guitar melody. Slow, easy-going tempo for a sleepy and soothing atmosphere. Take some rest on your hammock under palm trees on a sunny beach.

Wild Jungle Adventure

Immersive tribal music transports you into the jungle with wooden percussions, pan flutes, bongos and shouts building a tense, adventurous atmosphere. It expresses the idea of penetrating the wilderness or being part of a mysterious expedition. Perfect for videogames, documentaries and film cues.

Irish Legacy

Bright and proud Irish folk music with traditional instruments: fiddle violin, tin whistle, guitars, accordion and bodhran drum. A festive dance rhythm that celebrates the Celtic heritage, evoking a cheerful Irish pub atmosphere and the scent of freshly brewed beer and shamrocks.

Falling In Love

Emotional and romantic love theme for strings and orchestra. Expressive and flowing violins underscore the perfect cinematic love scene, with a harp that enriches the dreamy and blissful atmosphere. Slow tempo and calm, soft dynamics.

Chill Garage

Cinematic electronics A powerful epic electronic track with a modern inspiring atmosphere and deep percussion. Perfect for: Short film Teasers Scientific presentation Science fiction Space video

Happy Uplifting Rock

Happy Uplifting Rock - A vibrant and spirited anthem in the indie rock genre, "Happy Uplifting Rock" exudes positivity, energy, and rhythm. Fueled by live electric rock guitars, a dynamic bass guitar, and lively drums, this track is a powerhouse of sound. Perfectly suited for a range of commercial a...


"Stygia" is a hauntingly dark and emotionally charged epic riser track. With its deep, resonant tones and brooding atmosphere, it immerses listeners in a realm of intense emotions and anticipation, building towards a climactic crescendo that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.
Yann Keerim
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