Story Of Success by Christian Goldfish

Story Of Success

Christian Goldfish

ID: #192841

Duration: 02:12

Story Of Success - 02:12

Track Description

An optimistic, motivational corporate track, featuring bright piano, modern string patterns, catchy organ, driving bass guitar and a slick drum beat. Starting with a simple piano motif, building to an inspiring, sweeping final section. Many edit points. For positive stories that inspire and motivate: positivity, optimism, teamwork, growth, productivity, successful business, facing challenges, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, conquering dreams. Perfect for ads, promo, commercials, presentations, youtube, instagram, corporate media.


You may use our tracks in YouTube monetization videos, Facebook Ads, Apps, Films, Documentaries, DVD's, Corporate presentations and websites. Check our music licenses for the analytical description of terms and commercial music usage.



License and download this music. Worldwide music clearance. Use in multiple projects.

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Christian Goldfish

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