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Motivational Pop Rock (Medium Version) [00:38]

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Motivational corporate pop/rock music featuring piano, drums, bass, electric guitar and violins. Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more who seek an indie, positive and uplifting feel into the music.

They Are Coming

Composer: Simone Bresciani
Sci-fi electronic track with mysterious synths approaching.

Electro Rock Hip-Hop

Composer: Jake Schneider
A powerful, glitchy, & energy driven Electro track featuring; Rock/overdrive guitars, synth pads, bass and Hip-Hop drums. Perfect for videos and media projects with action and/or energy, video games, commercials, motivational videos, sports, gym, cars, YouTube, tutorials, podcasts and animation, ad...

Business Rock Inspiration

Composer: Wolfgang Woehrle
An inspiring, energizing and uplifting emotional ambient business summer pop rock track with piano, acoustic guitars, harmonics, electric guitars, synths, plucks, strings, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for uplifting, motivationals and inspiring projects to set an optimistic a...


Inspiring and uplifting motivational track. Excellent for corporate and business presentations and commercials .

Jericho (Funk/Groove - Intro Sting) [0:23]

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Funky upbeat music featuring guitars,bass,drums,saxophone and organ. Suitable for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, background music, commercials, advertising, radio, films, , popular commercials, visuals and more who seek positive and energetic groovy music with catc...


Composer: Daphne Farazi
A quite mysterious cinematic theme with an ethnic/world element to it. Piano, strings, harp, oboe and hammered dulcimer create an atmosphere of searching/missing something or someone. Suitable for short films and documentaries.

Across My Window

Composer: Daphne Farazi
A soft piece for solo piano, that makes you daydream. Cinematic, playful, romantic and tender. It can be easily used as an inspiring soundtrack in any media form.

Night Grooves(Funky Positive)

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Soul funky music,smoothly developing into more strong funky grooves driven from guitars,bass,drums,trumpets and keys,suitable for mellow,medium and also strong groove feelings.nSuitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!
Yann Keerim
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