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Inspiring Cinematic Trailer

Composer: EnergySound
Inspiring Cinematic Trailer – it’s massive and powerful music. This beautiful trailer will be good for Hollywood trailer, blockbuster teasers and more. Elements: Massive choir, Hollywood strings, Berlin brass, hybrid elements.


Composer: Francesco Accardo
Action and dramatic track. Perfect for trailer, video games and films. Useful for documentaries, travel videos, landscapes and more.

Stomping (Percussion presentation music)

Composer: EnergySound
Claps and Stomps – it’s perfect modern music for any projects. Instruments: massive foot stomps, wide hand claps, tamburine and wood percussion. Will be good for trailers, teasers, presentation, logo ident and more.

Blockbuster Teaser

Composer: EnergySound
Blockbuster Teaser – massive dark teaser for any projects. Will be good for hybrid trailers, epic teasers, massive intro, horror and scary intro and outro. Instruments: hybrid effects, massive taiko toms, intense beat, megahorns, distortion effects and more.

Epic Hybrid Logo

Composer: EnergySound
Epic Hybrid Logo – it’s powerful hybrid logo for heroic projects. Will be good for trailers, hybrid intro or outro, heroic scene, tv, game, youtube, web and more.

Electronic Industrial

Composer: Francesco Accardo
Electronic modern sounds. Energetic and dynamic track. Positive and rhythmic style.

Alien Horror Teaser

Composer: EnergySound
Alien Horror Teaser – very dark and nervious music for scary project. Will be good for cinematic horror trailer, scary movie, fear game and more

Battle Teaser

Composer: EnergySound
Battle Teaser – it’s powerful teaser for any project. Will be good for blockbusters, hollywood trailers and teasers, for intro and outro, radio,cinema and game. Elements: – hybrid effects, mega horns, braams, wooshes, risers, massive toms and kicks, distortion synth and more.

Hybrid Cinematic Teaser

Composer: EnergySound
Hybrid Cinematic Teaser – it’s massive epic and hybrid music for hard intro,teasers and more. Will be best for trailers, intro and outro, hybrid teasers, epic video, youtube and more. Instruments: massive drums and kicks, hybrid effects, noise swels and risers.

Dubstep Logo

Composer: EnergySound
Digital Dubstep Logo – it’s beautiful logo for any projects. Oldscool dubstep style with modern elements make your project unique. Will be good for web presentation. Like intro and outro. Elements: dubstep beat, piano, glitch effects.

Elegant Glitch Logo

Composer: EnergySound
Elegant Glitch Logo – soft and crystal logo for any projects. Will be good for some web presentation, intro & outro. Like a branding. Elements: glitch effects, swels and risers, crystal piano.

Hybrid Glitch Logo

Composer: EnergySound
Hybrid Glitch Logo – it’s massive hybrid logo with glitch elements. Make you project unique. Will be good for teaser and trailers, company logo, advert, intro & outro. Elements: hybrid effects, glitch fx, distortion elements.


Composer: Francesco accardo
Suitable for quiet videos, featuring smooth guitars and strings. Useful for landscape videos, video / photo galleries, wedding videos, etc...

Epic Cinematic Adventure Trailer

Composer: EnergySounds
Epic Cinematic Adventure Trailer – it’s heroic and inspire energetic track for any projects. Will be best for heroic trailers and background music, intro & outro, some inspiration scenes, titles and more. Instruments: Berlin brass, hollywood strings, epic orchestral taiko and toms, hybrid effect...

Massive Distortion Teaser

Composer: EnergySound
Massive Distortion Teaser – very strong and havy teaser for distortion and hybrid projects. Will be best for hybrid teaser. Massive, battle and war scenes. Good for cinematic and film. Instruments: distortion effects, hybrid tools, sirens, massive taiko and hits.

Creepy Horror Teaser

Composer: EnergySound
Creepy Horror Teaser – it’s scream , massive horror teaser for dark projects. Royalty free music for your dark trailers. Will be good for scary trailers, horror movie, dark titles, hybrid teasers and more. Instruments: Hybrid effects, scary voices, massive percussion and hits, dark long swels, g...


Composer: Francesco Accardo
This music can be used in many ways! Have a look! Suitable for advertising media, presentations and background use, tv, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations, any slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, photography production, happy family commercial, co...

Warriors suspance

Composer: Francesco Accardo
A dark, cinematic royalty free hybrid track with edgy pads, braams, strings, choirs, hits and wide epic drums, best for trailers, games, intros or war scenes.

Energy Powerful Driving & Racing Action Indie Rock

Composer: Sun Music
Energy Extreme Sport Action Sport This is Aggressive & Actions Sporty music with Extremal Sport mood and Actionable Power. This Sports Actionable Music will be perfect for: energetic trailer, game trailer, dynamic driving video, motivational video, sports video, energetic video, dynamic adverti...
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