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Hybrid pop track that would be great for adventure, action and role playing.


Atmospheric track that would be great for infomercials, motivational videos and documentaries.

Gentle Bright Acoustic

Inspire and uplift your project. Create a memorable project by adding this delicate and bright track. Bright acoustic guitars are accentuated by subtle piano melodies

Fitness attitude

Upbeat modern electro pop track excellent for fitness applications, commercials, tv and video presentations.

Finding my place

Lounge pop track with acoustic guitars, drum, bass, piano, strings and synths. Perfect for TV commercials and video presentations.

Final battle

Orchestral track with full orchestral section. This track would be perfect for battles and eroic sections.

Fairytale landscape

Modern acoustic guitar solo piece of music that would be great for commercial tv shows, sport and documentaries.


Electro pop track with modern synths and uplifting vibe that would be perfect for commercials and motivational presentations.

Escape lesson

Acoustic guitar solo track with an energetic fast vibe that would be great for documentaries, tv reality shows and sports.

Echoes in my mind

Electro pop track with synths, electric guitars and evocative piano lines, perfect for strategy games and sport scenes.

Don't know

Fusion lounge track with modern jazzy chord progressions and uplifting groove that would be perfect for documentaries and video presentations.

Deep feelings

Classical composition with strings section and lead piano theme. This track has a melancholic vibe that would be perfect for romantic scenes and tv reality shows.

Dancing in the clouds

Sexy romantic corporate pop track with groovy acoustic and electric guitars, drum, bass and dreamy synths. This track would be a great choice for video presentations and TV commercials.

Cool style

Medium tempo pop track with a '80 vibe and atmosphere perfect for TV commercials and presentation videos.

Confort Zone

Pop corporate track with elegant and melancholic piano lines. This track would be great for role playing and simulation.

Coming home

Electro pop track with synths, electric guitars with an uplifting vibe that would be perfect for action scenes.

City lights

Atmospheric mid tempo ambient track perfect for infomercials and reality TV shows.

Cartoon show

Happy and positive corporate track that would be great for kids and role playing.

Cannon ball

Heavy rock track with massive distorted guitar riffs. The track has a progressive metal feel that would be perfect for sport and action scenes.
Yann Keerim
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