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Calm Waters

A peaceful track with piano and strings that creates a calm and meditative atmosphere.

Monday Morning Coffee

Optimistic folk track with acoustic guitar, drums and ukulele to create a funny, comic atmosphere.

Call Me a Dreamer

Melancholic folk track. Starts really soft and contemplative with piano then grows to strummed acoustic guitar and a hopeful mood.

Curiosity Intimate Orchestra

An intriguing mischievous track with plucked strings, accompanied by orchestra. It tiptoes playfully from emotional mood to curiosity.

Into The Wild

Cinematic orchestral track, portraying adventure, exploration, expedition of the the wilderness. Classic film score or nature documentary.


Cinematic track with tension builder and release at the end.

Voices of the Battlefield

Cello solo, male choir and orchestra with dramatic marching drums to create a battlefield inspired track. Perfect for historical films and documentaries or just dramatic scenes.

Sugar Loaf Hill

Mysterious mood track with male choir, drums, piano, harp and ethnic flute intro.

Rocking and the Platoon

Vietnam War era classic rock piece. Amplified guitar and and vintage rock drum kit.

Returning Home

Old school amped guitar riffs in a classic rock piece with vintage drum kit.

Pulsing tempo, low piano

Repetitive arp with low piano, tempo kick, atmospheric guitar solo and strings.

Jazzy Nostalgia

Jazzy piece, with piano, cello, finger snapping, percussion and strings. Perfect to set up an enigmatic mood into a bar scene.


Repetitive piano with and organ with rising strings theme for a really intriguing mood

Hear My Story

Cinematic Orchestral piece with piano and strings to create a dramatic mood.

Guitar Celebration

Guitar solo with old school Pop-rock background and sound for an ambiental scene

Guitar and Whistle

Folk track with arpeggiated acoustic guitar percussion, harmonica, and human whistle.

Folk me up

Folk track with acoustic guitar and guitar percussion in a up-beat tempo

Enigmatic Harmonics

Enigmatic Mood and dramatic stage setter. Piano, guitar harmonics and arp with mysterious percussion and action strings in the background.

Drum Hit Drama

Orchestral piece with dramatic drum triple hit, strings, piano intro for a dramatic cinematic mood with increasing tension and release.

Building Tension

Underscore track, with tension builder and release at the end.
Yann Keerim
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