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Corporate Travel Music

Composer: Wolfgang Woehrle
A motivational, dynamic, energizing, inspiring and uplifting emotional business summer pop rock track with piano, acoustic guitars, harmonics, electric guitars, synths, plucks, strings, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for uplifting, motivationals and inspiring projects to set a...

Lounge Chill

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
This bright and inspirational music is a perfect background for your project. Uplifting and relaxing at the same time it puts your project up front. Perfect for advertising and commercial, family videos, presentations, YouTube videos, slideshows etc.

Epic Middle Eastern

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
This one is an epic action instrumental soundtrack with massive orchestral elements such as ethno oriental strings, arabian oud, ethnic percussions, epic drum and middle eastern darbuka. Mood of the track is epic, dominant, escalating, uplifting and is ideal for extreme cinematic trailers, big actio...

slam the car

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This track is a powerful rock song with electric guitar riffs,acoustic guitar,claps and smashing drums, best for action trailers, games, sports or commercial clips.

Sports Industry

Composer: mango audio
Upbeat and energetic sports dance track. Uplifting melodies, inspiring and positive atmosphere fun party. A great background for your video in the style of: sports video, summer, vacation, dance parties, happy holidays, funny moments, and so on.

Vocal Electronic Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Modern electronic piece with dubstep / Future Bass influences. This electro song transmits energy and passion in an emotional way. The aggressiveness of its bass synth and harsh drums contrast with the clean vocals and synths that define the melody. Featuring synthesizers, synthetic drums and glitch...

Triumphant Epic Beautiful Cinematic

Composer: Roger Stark
Epic & emotional orchestral piece. This film trailer music is perfect for presentations, advertising, and commercials. Featuring instruments: Strings, brass, cellos, violas and percussion.

Playful Vintage Rock

Composer: Roger Stark
Playful and upbeat classic British rock. This funny and groovy piece has a 60s / 70s flavour. It will work great with any project that requires a retro / vintage vibe.

Peceful and Happy Corporate Business

Composer: Roger Stark
Inspiring & optimistic corporate track with a serene, relaxed and peaceful feeling. This carefree, fresh and relaxing electronic chill out track is perfect for business presentations, corporative commercials, advertising, marketing, corporate slideshows, technology, tutorials, backgrounds, news and...

Inspirational Corporate Business

Composer: Roger Stark
Downtempo electronic piece suitable for presentations and corporate business. This relaxing ambient track is perfect for meditation, spa, health & medicine and science related projects. Featured instruments: Synthesizers, synth strings and electronic beats.

Happy Children Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Cheerful background music suitable for building activities, children scenes or business. Positive and happy mood. Main instruments: Xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and upright bass.

Epic Electronic Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
High energy electronic trailer composition with aggressive synths and a danger and chaos feeling. This piece is perfect for trailers, teasers, film, commercials, advertising, and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Driven synthesizers, orchestral strings, powerful drums and ambient elemen...

Emotional and Warm Acoustic

Composer: Roger Stark
Carefree bright acoustic piece with an easygoing melody and positive mood. This track is perfect for advertising, commercials, building activities, children, tutorials and naive and beautiful backgrounds. Features acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel and strings.

Corporate Business Advertising Chill Out

Composer: Roger Stark
An inspirational corporate electronic track in a relaxing mood. This modern tech track is suitable for corporate/business presentations, spa, beauty, commercials and advertising. Features synths, piano, drums and strings. Influences: Moby, Morcheeba, Massive Attack

Advertising Upbeat Rock

Composer: Roger Stark
Driving and energetic indie rock with catchy electric guitars, claps and acoustic guitar. Perfect for commercials, business projects, vacation videos, blogs, Youtube videos, fashion, TV, games and moreā€¦

Naughty Rock

Composer: Roger Stark
High energy synth-rock track perfect for edgy productions. This piece with metal influences will fit great in projects that require a sense of effort like heavy training, extreme sports, adventure or any other adrenaline situations. Main Instruments: Electric guitars, Synthesizers and punchy slow d...

Inspiring Cinematic Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Inspiring orchestral track. Features Grand Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Obstinate Strings and Synthesizers. This emotional track starts with an awe soft piano and builds up into a powerful orchestral climax.

Inspiring and Beautiful Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Uplifting indie acoustic track with a bright, cheerful, optimistic and hopeful mood. This track is perfect for film, documentaries, tales, childhood memories and Christmas projects. Featuring instruments: Orchestral strings, acoustic guitars and glockenspiel.

Inspiring Ambient Piano

Composer: Roger Stark
This track is a mixture of ambient pads, synthesizers, sound effects, strings and a grand piano playing some melancholic chords.

Happy Fresh Pop

Composer: Roger Stark
Upbeat and fresh tropical reggae-pop track ideal for summer season. Main instruments: Electric guitars, ukulele, glockenspiel drums and brass.
Yann Keerim
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