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Epic Orchestral Cinematic Hero

Composer: Roger Stark
Epic, victorious and awe orchestral composition. It builds up from quiet inspiring strings to an uplifting and glorious climax with plenty musical dynamics. This track is great for film, documentaries, patriotic scenes, video games, battle, sports and other media projects. Featuring instrumen...

Emotive Waltz Strings and Piano

Composer: Roger Stark
Elegant and cheerful orchestral waltz suitable for endearing moments. Featuring grand piano, spiccato strings and orchestral instruments.

Emotive Piano and Strings Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotional Piano surrounded by a big orchestra playing in a soft and tranquil mood. This peaceful music works great as emotive background music. Perfect for inspirational presentations, ceremonies, romantic stories, weddings, documentaries or any emotional film scene. This score is also suitable for ...

Beautiful Pizzicato Strings Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Motivational indie track with a happy, hopeful and positive mood. This upbeat and bouncy pop piece is perfect for advertising, commercials, travel vlogs and youtube videos. Featuring instruments: Pizzicato strings, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, piano, synthesizer and orchestral strings.

Beautiful and Pure Advertising Piano

Composer: Roger Stark
Ethereal, uplifting emotional piano track suitable for advertising, commercials, health care, wedding videos and delicate backgrounds. Featuring instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, and orchestral strings.

Inspiring Strings & Piano Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Uplifting and classical advertising buildup perfect for commercials, advertising, youtube, presentations and sports. This elegant and classy orchestral piece in a 3/4 tempo has a hopeful and majestic mood with a touch of drama. Main Instruments: Orchestral strings, piano, woodwinds and percussion...

Inspiring Ambient Strings Soundtrack

Composer: Roger Stark
Inspiring and emotional hybrid modern ambient cinematic perfect for commercials, advertising, tv, motivational videos, film and nature documentaries. Main instruments: Orchestral strings, synthesizers, piano, drums, bass and sound effects.

Inspiring & Motivational Orchestral Soundtrack

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotive and hopeful orchestral buildup perfect for documentaries, trailers, film, movies, inspirational advertisings and commercials. This poignant, passionate and beautiful track starts from a peaceful and tender ambient beginning with strings and acoustic piano. This musical journey mixes differ...

Hopeful & Inspiring Ambient Buildup

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotive ambient orchestral piece that grows into an ecstatic climax. This cinematic and warm cue is composed with a mixture of acoustic and orchestral sounds with synthesizers and organic effects.

Epic Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
Epic Hybrid Trailer music with synthetic and orchestral sounds in the Hollywood/Blockbuster style . This track . This awe spectacular cue has been created to provide your project a big, huge, and epic sound and is perfect for trailers, blockbusters, movies, film music, video games, advertising and ...

Emotive Piano & Strings Background

Composer: Roger Stark
Tranquil orchestral composition suitable for underscoring. This cinematic piece is based on the concepts of family and friendship. Peaceful and relaxed mood recalling comfort and confidence. Main instruments: Grand piano, strings, bassoon, pizzicato strings and glockenspiel.

Emotional Piano & Strings

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotional piano piece with orchestral instruments. This emotive track is perfect for advertising, documentaries, commercials, presentations and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Grand Piano, Cello, Viola, Strings, Percussion and pads. Mood: Intimate and ambient atmosphere. Influences: ...

Cinematic Orchestral Epic Adventure

Composer: Roger Stark
Epic and cinematic orchestral score. This elegant blockbuster style piece is perfect for film, advertising, commercials, TV shows, hero and superhero related content, documentary and other media projects. Main instruments: Brass, Strings, Orchestral Percussion and synthesizers.

Cinematic Epic Sports Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
1 Minute of background epic orchestral perfect for advertising, commercials, sports, hero movies, and other media projects. This heroic, positive and inspiring trailer has the exact length of one minute. 60 seconds of awesome and hopeful victorious music that inspires bravery. This energetic and pow...

Cinematic Documentary Ambient Background

Composer: Roger Stark
Gentle and serene cinematic Build up inspiring peace and calm. This ambient background trailer music is perfect for drama, Tv teasers, advertising, documentaries and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Acoustic piano, strings, ethnic instruments like sitar, cimbalom and synthesizers.

Epic Legend

Composer: Roger Stark
Majestic and epic orchestral track with a final climax. This track is perfect for trailers, cinematic projects, sports, advertising and other media projects that require a sense of honor and majesty. Main instruments are staccato strings, brass, hybrid percussion and female choir. Influences: Hans Z...

Patriotic Orchestral Cinematic

Composer: Roger Stark
Solemn & patriotic orchestral piece that inspires pride and honor. This majestic anthem starts from a very quiet trumpet and grows up into a big triumphal orchestra with a final climax. Suitable for any project that requires a sense of patriotism.

Ambient Orchestral Documentary

Composer: Roger Stark
Airy, ethereal, beautiful Cinematic Orchestra suitable for documentaries, presentations, advertising, games, commercials and other media projects. This heavenly, inspiring, magical, serene, string soundtrack will work great for fantasy scenarios, slow motion projects and awe nature related content....

Indie Ambient Piano

Composer: Roger Stark
Uplifting and inspirational acoustic background recorded with an upright piano and chamber strings. This acoustic & orchestral ambient piece will provide an emotional charge to your project. Perfect for emotive, hopeful and positive scenes. Influences: Bon Iver, Coldplay, Olafur Arnalds

Heroic Cinematic Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
Heroic and inspiring epic cinematic track. This emotional orchestral piece is perfect for trailers, advertising, commercials, sports, YouTube videos and any media projects. Influences: Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri

Epic & Motivational Orchestral Buildup

Composer: Roger Gabalda
Big and awesome orchestral score that starts from a slow distant piano and builds up into a full orchestra climax with strings, brass, electric guitar and orchestral deep percussion. This huge sounding cinematic composition imitates the famous Zimmer sound that is so popular among all actual modern ...
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