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Composer: Francesco Biondi
Cool relaxing chill out music with exotica influences. Airy atmosphere thanks to beautifully reverberated sounds of piano and synths, Perfect for travel concepts and documentaries.

In The Line Of Fire

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Dark, underscore music with sound design, piano, reversed fx and distant noises. Great for thriller, crime and horror scenes, also awesome for dramatic, melancholic moments like leaving, loneliness and even death.

Tell A Story

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Warm, comforting acoustic instrumental track with a nostalgic yet positive mood. Intimate, familiar, romantic atmosphere. Featuring acoustic guitar fingerstyle, tender piano chords, strings and soft drums.


Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Atmospheric piano music with female vocals for underscoring deep emotional scenes like goodbye, leaving, thinking and even death. Distorted guitars in the final in the style like Lacrimosa, very gothic and sacred.

If I Would Be Good

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Emotional, dramatic piano and string music for underscoring scenes like decision making, thinking, leaving and other emotional moments.

Shadow And Light

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Emotional, orchestral music for big pictures like adventure, fantasy and great moments in sports. With string, brass and percussion building a hopeful mood.

careless childhood

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
This track is a happy and joyful mood...sometimes very sad and sometimes happy feel about our childhood. Using flute,accordion,acoustic guitar.

Breaking News Trailer

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Driving, orchestral breaking news trailer with strings, brass and percussion. Great for opener and intro for tv news shows and investigative underscore.

Evolving Inspiration

Composer: ProTraxx
'Evolving Inspiration' is an evolving, uplifting, motivational and emotional track which will work great for company videos, presentations, commercials, ads, slideshow, wedding videos etc. It evolves from a dreamy and uplifting piano arpeggio to a bombastic inspirational and emotional track featuri...

A Short Story

Composer: Esther García
Emotional folk composition featuring melodic violins and rhythmic synthesizers. This elegant track creates a romantic ambiance perfect for wedding videos, cinematic projects or documentaries.

Smooth Jazz

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Smooth relaxed and lounge jazz background music with piano, saxophone, pads. Perfect for relaxing videos and vlogs, fashion projects, Tv or radio advertising, Commercial and Youtube videos, restaurant, podcasts, resort and spa videos, product presentations, app and much more.

Successful Business Work

Composer: Wolfgang Woehrle
An motivational, dynamic, energizing, inspiring and uplifting emotional business summer pop rock track with piano, acoustic guitars, harmonics, electric guitars, synths, plucks, strings, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for uplifting, motivationals and inspiring projects to set ...

Cocktail Bossa Nova

Composer: Jake Schneider
Cocktails, luxury and sophistication are what come to mind when you listen to this Jazz Bossa Nova with Latin Lounge flavours. Featuring; piano, double bass, vibraphone, marimba, brass, percussion and drums. Great for romantic films, bars, restaurants, cafes, penthouses, silent scenes, romcoms, com...
Yann Keerim
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