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A Japanese lullaby

Composer: Horacemix
Warm and dreamy Japanese style theme with a melancholic but calmed feel.

A day in the cave

Composer: Horacemix
Dark, heavy, fearful orchestral piece with a spicy oriental reminiscence.

Sunny day in the farm

Composer: Horacemis
Folk music style, almost universal sense of farming. Ideal for openings or ending titles.

Scary Theme

Composer: Horacemix
Suggestive, tenebrous, scary instrumental cue.

Quick Meditation - Five minutes of Zen

Composer: Horacemix
For those who have only five minutes before start working or doing whatever they do I've created a series of meditation themes that are just 5 minutes long. You don't have to worry about taking more time, causing non-relaxed meditation. Is not looped. It's Live played.

Kids TV Show Style

Composer: Horacemix
Kids, maybe teenagers TV Show Style theme. Also could work for corporate or explainer videos.

Unhurried Quirky Style

Composer: Horacemix
Ideal for quirky or funny movings. Unhurried and unworried whistling middle part.

Ethnical Thankfulness Dance

Composer: Horacemix
Ethnic percussion, beautiful fluted windy melodies in tandem with bowed and pizzicato strings.

The Hole

Composer: Horacemix
Ambient droning background music with a fill of darkness and ominous sensation. A good fit for the loneliness of cosmic space, black holes, unknown worlds.

Comedy Style

Composer: Horacemix
Sympathetic and funny tune for comedy situations. Also useful as opening/closing titles theme.

Buenos Aires Progress (Inst. Hip Hop)

Composer: Horacemix
Style HIP-HOP INSTRUMENTAL Mid-to-Up-Tempo in the general style to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Theme Song. Melodically and rhythmically engaging, with a tone, feel, and vibe of the old school 1990’s or early 2000’s,

Cartoon Adventures

Composer: Horacemix
Got some naughty creatures Enjoy the adventure of catching them! Cartoonish Fox Trot Theme.

Finding treasure

Composer: Horacemix
Triumphant Orchestra with a little of suspense in middle, to end up again confirming the treasure is real.

Celtic Fest

Composer: Horacemix
This music evokes medieval dance of Celtic ancient dances around the fire.
Yann Keerim
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