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Fun Life

Positive track for your ideas. This music is suitable for videos about sports, technology, cars, as well as various video projects from commercial to fun.

Sneaky Dramedy Tension

A funky, suspenseful comedy or dramedy track, featuring retro organs, authentic wah-wah guitars, crisp double bass, cowbell, shaker, snaps and driving drums. Creating a quirky, yet exciting comic feel. Many edit points. Perfect for fun ads, promo, commercials and any kind of funny scene. Whimsical u...

Powerful Epic Promo

A massive, bold hybrid orchestral rock track, featuring expressive strings, heavy brass, cinematic percussion, huge choir, distorted guitar, rock drums and bass. Styled for promo, trailer, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and media projects about modern heroes, firefighter, police, achieving goa...

Evocative Southern Slide Guitar

An atmospheric, cinematic dobro track, evocating the southern united states, the american south, dixie, southland. The perfect underscore to provide that local color, to create an immediate sense of place, subtle yet very authentic and clear. Perfect for ads, commercial, advertising, corporate, trai...

Futuristic Emotional Electronica

A deep, atmospheric electronic track, featuring cool and unusual synth sounds, unique sounddesign elements and experimental glitch drums and percussion. Building inspiring, hypnotic tension. Styled for modern, yet emotional content. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media pr...

Happy Upbeat Ukulele Commercial

An uplifting, optimistic and fun track featuring ukulele, bass and drums to give a cheerful and positive vibe. Perfect for tv advertising, viral marketing, web advertisements, presentation, promo, youtube videos, corporate use, radio jingles.

Epic Orchestral Conquest Trailer

A heroic orchestra track, building to a big climax. Featuring cinematic strings, heavy brass, choir and energetic percussion. Perfect for trailers, movie soundtrack, games, sport, commercials, advertising, corporate, promo, marketing, youtube videos.

Award Ceremony Fanfare

An epic opening fanfare, featuring big brass, cinematic strings, orchestral percussion and dynamic drums. Perfect for award shows, opening ceremonies, monumental movie studio logos, film production company logo, opening curtain, prestigious red carpet, presentation, exciting sport event, promotion, ...

Sunny Electro Swing

A positive, funny electro swing track with quirky retro vibes. Perfect for TV commercials, advertising, comedy, animation, cartoon, kids projects, youtube videos and many more.


The peaceful, delicate „Lullaby“ by Brahms in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertising, animation, commercials, cartoons, videos, slideshows, youtube.

With A Smile

An inspiring, infectious track with a latin feel, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, bright piano and bells, driving claps and percussion, cool double bass and drums. A sunny string motif leads to a playful timbales solo, building to a fuller final section. Many edit points. Perfect...

Dynamic Metal

An upbeat and heavy metal track that packs a lot of power. It features distorted electric guitars, melodic synths, a distorted bass guitar, and heavy drums. It is excellent for commercials, advertisements, video games, movies, and more.

Sentimental and Hopeful

An inspiring and emotional cinematic track featuring a melodic string quartet, a piano, and dynamic percussion. It can be used in films, TV shows, documentaries, video games, and more.

Percussion (Savanna)

This is upbeat, powerful, rhythmic, energetic, and dynamic sport percussive anthem music with stomp drums, claps, stadium noise, percussion and football whistles! Perfect for sports, football theme, soccer anthem, football news and sport reviews.

Quiet Night (Rock)

Inspirational lounge with dreamy pads, an emotional acoustic guitar, e-piano and a lively beat. Conveys an innocent and romantically dreamy mood. Instrumental, Lounge, Downtempo
Yann Keerim
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