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Asia Trance

Composer: Muza
Active dance background east music in trance style. Excellent synchronization track for advertising video from China, Thailand, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Spices of India

Composer: Muza
Contemporary Indian background music with sitar and tempura. Cool charming drums and a lot of pads for Asian majestic atmosphere. Well suited for scoring scenes documentaries and commercials.

Chinese Wind

Composer: Muza
Modern Asian music with a cool beat. Melodic traditional tunes and dynamic energetic rhythm make it good for travel show and advertising.


Composer: Muza
Funny cartoon and game ready dynamic upbeat asian track.

Russian Market

Composer: Muza
Funny upbeat bright dynamic russian music track.

Turkish Beat

Composer: Muza
Modern oriental beat with traditional asian instruments. Good background commercial music for video. Turkish sound in studio mix.

Arabian Cafe

Composer: Muza
Rhythmic dance contemporary Arabic music full of Asian middle eastern groove, hot and color. Good for world travel video and news from sands.

Indian Day

Composer: Muza
Background world TV music in indian style. Magic bright colors of India, sitar sound in this positive good mood music. Track suitable for advertising, promo, Utube videos. Commercial and soft.

Eastern Groove

Composer: Muza
Modern oriental beat with traditional asian instruments. Good background commercial music for video. Chinese sound in studio mix.

Chinese Synth Pop

Composer: Muza
Upbeat asian track with traditional Chinese string instruments over modern electronic backing. Also other typical native instruments. Good for travel projects, documentaries and commercials.


Composer: Muza
Rousing, colourful modern ethnic track. Energetic Arabian rhythms set an exotic sharm of a hot, dusty desert. Music for all around of League of Arab States.

Jungle Hunter

Composer: Muza
High energy fast tribal percussion track for action movie. It is a good background rhythm for wild nature, adventure, discovery program. Shakers and drums are ethnic. Welcome to Jungle!


Composer: Muza
Typical African music with a rich percussion, marimba and voices. Easy listening warm positive track for travel or news shows. Atmospheric and authentic.

Chinese Game

Composer: Muza
Epic rock music with Chinese sound. Get closer to the oriental spirit with cool funny beat.

Southern Roots Boogie

Southern bluesy fingerpicked riffs mix with slide guitar and mandolin for a swaggering roots track. Perfect for swampy outdoors scenes.

Relaxing Country River

Walking finger-picked guitar joins slide guitar and mandolins for a relaxing country melody.

Missing You

A longing, hopeful, yearning slide guitar melody plays in harmony with mandolins and synth bass. Perfect for scenes of traveling, wandering, and images of nature.

Traveling By Highway

A low slide guitar and mandolin join for a medium tempo southern melody, conjuring scenes of traveling, dusty highways, the mountains, and backroads.

Corporate Summertime

Composer: Wolfgang Woehrle
Positive, inspiring and uplifting emotional business technology travel pop track with synths, harmonics, guitars, plucks, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for uplifting, technological, upbeat, motivational and positive inspiring projects to set an optimistic and happy mood. Perf...
Yann Keerim
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