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Welcome! I am dedicated to provide you with high quality and original music to use in your productions. My name is Clemens Wijers. I compose and produce music for a variety of media productions. I also orchestrate and compose songs for other artists and am the main composer and keyboard player in Horror Metal band “Carach Angren”. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail via the form on the right side of this page. Thank you for checking out my music!

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Conversations Ident

An energetic and reflective audio logo that can be used as the intro to a podcast, talkshow or other media production seeking an inviting conversational tone.

Thorough Investigation Background

Suspenseful background music track to support media with a tense and or investigative atmosphere. The combination of marimba, piano and synthesizers keep the arrangement moving along. Will work perfectly in documentaries, film or any other media seeking tense musical reinforcement.

Happy Week Audio Logo

A simple straight forward happy tune to use in your production. Works well if you need a jingle, intro, sting or just a friendly audible companion to your work.

Silent Hero Epic Inspirational Score

An epic emotional piece that gradually builds to a climactic statement. Carried forth by an inspiring piano theme, lush strings and gentle yet heroic brass motifs, this piece can work really well in productions seeking a noble musical companion.

Baleful Ethnic Background Drone

A sad palette consisting of real recorded violins and cello's paint an ominous and tragic atmosphere. Small ethnic sounding motifs and carefully placed deep percussive hits contribute to the suspenseful and dramatic setting. Will work really well as background music in films, documentaries, games ...

Political Polarization Ethnic Tension Background

A dense, dark and suspenseful background track indicating conflict, struggle or other problems. The nature of the track lends itself perfectly to be used in the background of your production without getting in the way. There is an extra version without the Duduk included for situations where the m...

Evil Bells Laughter Ident

Ghastly church bells accompanied by evil laughter, draped in dark atmospheric sounds. The perfect Halloween Horror Ident for your production!

George The Flying Bat Orchestral Halloween

A whacky manic orchestral piece sonically draped in everything that is Halloween. A spooky theremin melody is carried forth by haunting strings, children's choir, frantic woodwinds and sinister brass outbursts. If you listen closely you can hear George the Bat spreading his wings on Halloween nigh...

Running Late Background Loop

Ticking, clocks and pulses moving forward as string ostinatos, pianos and marimba bring a reflective quality to the table. This addition of live recordings gives the track additional engaging qualities. The piece loops seemingly and is therefore perfect to use in the background of your corporate vid...

Fun Times At The Theme Park Loop

Warm and uplifting music track creating a sense of happiness, having fun and friendliness. The inclusion of real instruments greatly enhances the emotional musical connection. The music can work in a loop and is therefore useful in situations where continuous background music is needed. Will work ve...

Pizzicato Comedy Sting

Typical pizzicato strings comedy theme to give your funny scene that little extra push. Special production techniques have been used to make this piece sound authentic and realistic. Works really well as an intro or supporting animation, especially in corporate videos, film and documentaries. Bec...

Forever Farewell Emotional Piano

A gentle warm piano theme moves forward to a sad conclusion. Surrounded by strings and spacious effects this track works perfectly in scenes and media seeking an emotional undercurrent. A sense of realism is offered through the addition of some real recorded instruments.


A cool and sexy background track consisting of rich synthetic elements, driven by an energetic and massive bass-line. Perfect to use in commercials, corporate videos or any other production seeking a rich and glamorous tone.

Suspenseful Research Background

A tense melancholic background track consisting of different real played pianos, ticking and other suspenseful sounds. Perfect to use in the background of your documentary, corporate video, film or any other production seeking a supportive tense and mellow tone. The theme carries a touch of sadn...

Fantasy Dream State

A wondrous piano theme sets the mood for a lush flute solo. The production consists of some real life recordings set against a large space background. Will work perfectly in your film, commercial or any other production seeking a kind fairytale-like mood.

New Insights

This musical theme represents curiosity, science, learning and reaching conclusions. The piece includes real life recordings and is produced to high standards to achieve an original sound. Will work perfectly as a theme in your documentary, film, game or other productions seeking a rich captivating ...

Intelligent Perspectives

Marimbas, piano and rhythmic elements create an engaging background atmosphere that will work perfectly to introduce your documentary, corporate video or other media production.

Curious Background

A friendly background track setting a curious and interesting mood. The track consists of marimba, piano and percussive elements keeping things fresh until the end. Will work perfectly in your film, documentary, corporate video or any other production seeking a kind high quality tone.

The Saga Begins Epic Cinematic Soundtrack

Epic orchestral track starting out on an emotional note, gradually increasing in density and working towards a big adventurous climax. Perfect to use in your film, trailer, game or other production seeking a grand orchestral background score.

Forever Alone Sad Background

Sad melancholic background track consisting of piano, strings and cinematic sounds. The repeating theme slowly develops as the piece moves forward to a conclusion. The tempo, instrumentation and production of the track allow other elements to come in such as narration. Therefore the track is perfect...
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