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Colorful Funfair (Joyful Happy Big Beat Electronic)

Cheerful accords, played rhythmically, analogue bass accompaniment, noisy synth effect, various percussion effects, 3 solo synths at the very end result in a cheerful mood

The Angels Are Visitng Üs

Instrumental Classical cinematic music made for orchestra, oboe, strings and vocals, ideal for spiritual and mystical scenes in films, tv series and ads. Also great for nature documentaries and religion.

Inspirational Electronica

Light and easy-listening motivational electronica that is great for corporate presentations, background music for youtube videos and many more!

Chill Lounge Sensual RnB Underscore

An chill, sensual and cozy RnB royalty free song, with synth pads, subtle bass, retro chords and efficient beat, best for ads, underscore, promotional content, lingerie, vlog, sensual and relaxed related content.

Inspiring Acoustic Background

inspiring, positive, happy and emotional acoustic track!Perfect for any media projects

Sweet love

A calm piano composition that creates a sensual atmosphere and a romantic mood. Combined with love, tranquility, romantic videos, commercial projects, animation, slide shows, etc.

Sincerely Yours (Soft & Romantic Piano and Orchestra)

A very soft and emotional piano melody, with a touch of strings and oboe, leading to a full orchestral sentimental climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Hymn for the Missing (Emotional Piano & Orchestra)

A very sentimental track with piano and strings background and a calm melody going for cello to woodwinds and female voice, leading to a very emotional climax with full orchestra and choir. A great choice for both background music in films, videos or presentations that need a calm and melodic atmosp...


A romantic piano and oboe melody, followed by a passionate cello and piano part, leading to an emotional orchestral climax. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and romantic atmosphere is needed.

Aetheria (Soft Background Piano)

A soft and flowing piano melody, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for background music for presentations, drama, emotional movie scenes, documentaries or TV series.

Beautiful Memory

A soft and romantic piano melody with lush strings background, leading to a very emotional climax towards the end, ideal for commercials, documentaries, presentations, short films and various other sentimental videos.

Dance Summer

Light pop-rock composition with a very catchy motive. Once heard and remembered forever. Funky guitar elements add groove. Interesting drawing of the bass part. The full version has a pit that adds drama. The archive includes two versions: Dance Summer – 2:00 Dance Summer Short – 1:31

A child is born

Slow and nostalgic track featuring solo piano perfect for film or documentary underscore, inspirational content, and tv.
Yann Keerim
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