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Out Of The Blue

Composer: Michael Adels
A breezy uptempo pop track with a light feeling. Bright and lively synth elements for a happy mood.

Happy (30sec)

Composer: Michael Adels
A 30 second piece with piano, glockenspiel, marimba, pizzicato and a short ukulele part at the end. For an easy, positve and joyful feel.

Ice Cube

Composer: Michael Adels
A snappy song with drums, acoustic rhythm guitar and synths. Bright bell melodies combined with evolving layer pads for a light feeling. Versatile background track.

Ukulele (loop)

Composer: Michael Adels
This simple loop featuring ukulele suits perfect in endless applications. Its warm and familiar feeling is the best background for successful projects. Seamless looped and quite versatile.


Composer: Michael Adels
A simple and beautiful song, featuring a piano theme, bass and a steady beat. Perfect track for corporate videos, TV ads, short films and any other multimedia project.

Timeless - Epic Cinematic Trailer

Composer: Jonathan Wright
A panoramic, inspirational cinematic orchestral track with beautiful lush strings, a light piano, majestic brass and percussion. Builds to a huge, uplifting climax. Conveys a sense of positivity and wonder. Great for documentaries, video games, adverts and trailers.

Simple Things

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern and warm sounding track with a clear message: simplicity! Familiar arrangement without experiments and surprises. With electric guitar, glockenspiel, pizzicato strings and piano.

Dot Matrix

Composer: Michael Adels
Perfect track for industrial, corporate or factory shots. Warm analog sound with arpeggios and synth choir. A versatile high tech groove for your impressive promo video.

Business People

Composer: Michael Adels
Positive corporate track with an electric guitar arpeggio, piano and a catchy staccato string melody. Perfect song for image videos, slideshows, financial themes and much more. This piece stays for teamwork, success, straightness and professionalism.

Power and Glory - Epic Cinematic Trailer Music

Composer: Jonathan Wright
Epic, inspiring cinematic orchestral track with lush strings, huge majestic horns and a synth bass. Conveys drama, courage and heroism.

Trance Mission (feat. PapaOuss)

Composer: Moai System
This is a dynamic, energetic ethno-trance instrumental which includes african percussion, soundscapes and techno tribal elements.

Dark Hour

Composer: Moai System
This is an atmospheric dark Drum and Bass instrumental which includes ethereal voices, soundscapes and deep bass elements.

Finding Some Hope

Composer: Neil Cross
Very groovy track with piano, solid drum beat and cool synths. Gradually builds into emotional/sensuous guitar solo, then returning to original groove. This track has a general feeling of optimism and hope with a little mystery!


Composer: Michael Adels
Smooth and easy background track with acoustic guitar, urban drums and a catchy piano melody. Suits well in endless background applications.

Follow Me

Composer: Michael Adels
Positive and optimistic song with electric guitars, piano, glockenspiel and drums. Suits perfect in any motivational and uplifting project. Available as full and background version.


Composer: Jonathan Wright
Heroic, uplifting and inspiring cinematic orchestral theme that conveys positivity, power and bravery. Great for trailers, video games and projects that need a rousing, optimistic Hollywood style soundtrack.

Eternal - Epic Uplifting Trailer Music

Composer: Jonathan Wright
A beautiful, uplifting melodic piano is accompanied by a lush cinematic orchestra and light choirs to convey hope and inspiration. Emotional and powerful. Great for trailers, presentations, video games and projects that need to deliver a powerful, hopeful message.

Inspire and Motivate 60s loop

Exclusive and unique track for your projects. Perfect for corporate media, motivational videos, TV commercials, advertisements, media projects and podcasts, web videos, science and invention,medicine, pharmaceutical and high technology, corporate, marketing and other video production. Good luck to...
Yann Keerim
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