Sneaky Fun

Sneaky and comical funny music. Great for Funny quirky and humor background, cute and children videos, easy and smile youtube videos, circus and cartoon trailers, amusing and sneaky pizzicato intro, animation comedy films, awkward, whimsical and much more.


Cool and carefree track featuring, marimba, piano, pizzicato and staccato strings is especially suitable as background music for TV commercial and advertisement, film and animated cartoon, corporate and education, smartphone apps, social media and podcast, presentation and more!

NEW ORLEANS (Dixieland Jazz)

Funny dynamic slapstick dixieland jazz with combo, brass, xylophone. Great for funny social videos, animations or Adv.

Calliope and Popcorn

This is an electronic, orchestral instrumental, with a calliope as the main instrument. Should evoke feelings of the circus and fun, childhood entertainment and joy.

CARNIVAL PSYCHIC (Orchestral Circus) - Main version

Orchestral scary circus music with lush arrangement for cartoons or scary fun scenes.
Yann Keerim
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