Light Happy Orchestra

A light and magical orchestral cinematic track with a happy-go-lucky feeling! Featuring pizzicato, orchestral strings, glockenspiel, vibraphone, harp and cinematic fx. Great for fun commercials, comedy, awkward moments, advertising, light-hearted videos, children’s videos, animation, CGI, cartoon...

Symphonic Orchestral Fairytale Ident

Quirky, mysterious orchestral sting. Perfect to use in your game, cartoon, commercial or other production that needs a typical big orchestral sound out of the box.

Warlock Short versionAC2 March 19

A beautiful, soft and very magic orchestral track with a very basic structure. A fantastic asset for kids production, video games, animation and advertising.

Quirky Funny Logo ending

Quirky Funny Logo is a happy opener/jingle/intro with snare rolls, strings, woodwind and tuba.

Sneaky Fun

Sneaky and comical funny music. Great for Funny quirky and humor background, cute and children videos, easy and smile youtube videos, circus and cartoon trailers, amusing and sneaky pizzicato intro, animation comedy films, awkward, whimsical and much more.

Swing It

Swing It is a groovy, upbeat, energetic, electro swing track. Featuring brass section, piano, woodwinds, house drums, upright bass, synth bass. Recommended for: Fashion Projects, Upbeat Videos, Cooking Shows, Fun Marketing Videos, Travel and Holiday's Videos, Promo Videos, Commercial and Advertising...

First Music Box Logo ending

A childish and positive Logo good for opener/jingle/intro with a playful mood.

Nashville Rockabilly

An uptempo, fun rockabilly track with hometown Nashville roots! Featuring; electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitar and drums. Awesome for TV, commercials films, radio, podcasts, comedy, cars, southern america, outback, desert, beer, american food, cowboys, YouTube videos, holiday/party vide...


Cool and carefree track featuring, marimba, piano, pizzicato and staccato strings is especially suitable as background music for TV commercial and advertisement, film and animated cartoon, corporate and education, smartphone apps, social media and podcast, presentation and more!

Easy to Soar

Inspirational cinematic ambient music featuring piano, strings, pad, bass guitar and cello. Excellent for video projects, commercials, motion picture, wedding short films, television, documentary, vlogs, television , vimeo videos, compaany videos, youtube videos, instagram, Tik Tok videos, adv...

Ocean Ten

Ocean Ten is a jazzy, vintage, cool, funky music, featuring electric piano, electric guitars, horns, winds, upright bass, drums. Perfect for: casino videos, cool videos, lifestyle and fashion, GoPro travel footage, car videos, cinema production, advertising, commercials, comedy, urban videos, prese...

Jazzy Podcast Logo

Jazzy Podcast Logo for your brand and logo with jazz sounding piano, drums and hammonds.

Calliope and Popcorn

This is an electronic, orchestral instrumental, with a calliope as the main instrument. Should evoke feelings of the circus and fun, childhood entertainment and joy.
Yann Keerim
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