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Francesco Accardo is a multi-instrumentalist graduated in jazz guitar at the Bologna conservatory and also specializes in sound engineering. He now lives in Sicily and produces music of various kinds for TV, commercials etc ...
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This one is a very inspiring royalty free corporate track that makes you feel like you're surrounded by angels! Featuring a real piano, light drums and synth electronic instruments, this alluring song is absolutely perfect for your promo videos, commercials, ads, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads,...

Epic terminator

Inspirational background cinematic orchestral track. Epic perfect for trailer, background, soundtrack, advertising, historical film, sport video, powerful and emotional videos, movie about superheroes, energetic and inspirational slideshow, motivational epic videos, action scenes, trailers and video...


Powerful dub step music with some complextro and brostep notes

Cinematic Trap

Dramatic musical style trap made with melancholic piano notes and a dry and overbearing bass. Perfect for any type of project that wants to recreate a melancholy, reflective atmosphere, but also a fighting feeling.Perfect for YouTube, Sport, Games, Web, Presentation,Background Music, Cinematic, Vime...


Cool and carefree track featuring, marimba, piano, pizzicato and staccato strings is especially suitable as background music for TV commercial and advertisement, film and animated cartoon, corporate and education, smartphone apps, social media and podcast, presentation and more!

Carefree Swing

This one is a carefree royalty free music track that immediately invokes lightness and positivity in all aspects of life! Made with flute, acoustic guitars, brushes and double bass, this amazing and inspiring music theme will perfectly complement your commercials and promos, intros, openers, movies,...


Elegant, poignant solo piano melody, pensive and heartwarming. Lyrical, poetic, tender and romantic. Calm & silky, perfect for seaside romance or a slightly mysterious scene. For kissing, making love or flying kites. Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music


This track is suitable for film or advertising, featuring ensemble of woodwinds, clarinets, trumpets, fun guitars, catchy melodies and more. Great for Italian comedy. Its fast, fiery funny & rousing and you can see a big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur!


This one is an peaceful track with delicate voice suitable for advertising for children's commercial products.

Speady Mouse

Speedy Mouse is an upbeat and festive track. Playful drums and double bass speed along while swinging jazz guitar and vibraphone take the lead. A perfectly happy, fun track for the ‘season to be jolly’! Enjoy!


theme music fits the show, espionage, television commercials, advertising powerful, energizing, Italian funk, harmonious and energetic saxophones, violins enveloping, dynamic battery, suitable for chase scenes, electric guitar. Instrumental, Action, Theme Spy


Ensemble of woodwinds, clarinets, trumpets, fun, guitars, catchy melodies in a day’s journey. Great for Italian comedy. Fast, fiery funny & rousing. Big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over,, Instrumental, Comedy.

Spagetti Gangster

Spaghetti Gangster is suitable for film, advertising, bucolic, country setting, featuring ensemble of woodwinds, clarinets, trumpets and more. Great for Italian comedy. Imagine a big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over. Enjoy!


This one is a groovy, funk rock track with 80’s feeling! A mixture between rock line guitar and sax , disco beats and funk element. Suitable for presentation, fashion, advertising, travel projects, web page sound background.

Road line

Road line is a convincing modern country style guitar riffs suitable for advertisement projects, promotional videos, commercials, TV(radio) ads, Youtube videos, corporate presentations, commercials and more.

MY Train

My Train is an elegant, poignant solo piano melody, pensive and heartwarming. Lyrical, poetic, tender and romantic. Perfect for seaside romance or a slightly mysterious scene. Enjoy!


This one is a calm acoustic track suitable for quiet videos, featuring smooth guitars and strings.

Happy day

An upbeat, inspirational, bouncy & joyful track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bells and an utterly fabulous clap track! The perfect track for a happy mood!

Epic piano

This one is an epic piano track with orchestral strings and powerful percussions excellent for advertisement or traveling projects, for trailers and inspiring motivational videos.


Action and dramatic track. Perfect for trailer, video games and films. Useful for documentaries, travel videos, landscapes and more.

Electronic Industrial

Electronic modern sounds. Energetic and dynamic track. Positive and rhythmic style.
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