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Christmas Jazzy Intro

Beautiful and magical short inspire orchestral opener. Creates festive mood of Christmas, New Year spirit, festive vanity, returns in the childhood, gives mood of nostalgia and a retro jazz . Used chimes, bells, harp bliss, strings, horns, acoustic bass, brushes drums, guitars, vocal harmonics, g...

Holy roller (instrumental)

by The Vow
A haunting soft rocker led by wah wah electric guitar and a big swooping church like hammond organ. A deep, melancholic, bitter-sweet piece of classic pop rock, Instrumental, Rock, Melodic Rock

Holy Roller

by The Vow
A haunting soft rocker led by wah wah electric guitar and a big swooping church like hammond organ swoops. A deep, melancholic, bitter-sweet religious / anti-religious vocal soars above the classic rock backing track. Male Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock

Gospel of Mark

A pulsing and building mystery cue underscoring anything from an undercover mission to entering a new and suspicious world. Ambient FX, electric bass, middle eastern instruments, vocal, rhythmic and mallet percussion .

Gospel in the Stars

Light acoustic music, very soulful and relaxed. The Drums play a simple groove with a large ambient and the piano play gospel chards. This music is simple and will be great for credits, background music and easy listening music

Irinas Lullaby

Soft and quiet music, in the performance of a symphony orchestra with celesta. Very good for a video about nature, children or about love.

With Love

Soft and quiet music in the performance of a violine-solo and symphony orchestra

Tears of Angels

Soft and quiet music, which symbolizes purity and divine revelation � in the performance of a symphony orchestra.

Gospel Funk

Groovin' Gospel/Funk piece with piano, organ,vocal phrases,funky bass and contemporary drums. Perfect for ads, comedies, or anywhere you want to inject a little spice. Served with a smile! Instrumental, joyful.

Different Light

A hopeful, inspiring instrumental track with a pop orchestra set up. Piano, orchestral strings, and a mid tempo drum set groove with a light gospel feeling. Very moving and touching. Great for documentary, uplifting themes, etc.

Gospel Scat-2

Uplifting, Celebratory, Comforting,Film and TelevisionCue

Gospel Vamp 1

Gospel Scat Warm, Soulful, Reverent Organ, Vocal Film and Television Cue

I Feel Love

An energetic house dance song, with a gospel flavor, with catchy vocals and Elgar violins hook.Production Music High Quality

Amazing Grace

A very tasteful and delicate version of the traditional Irish classic, Amazing Grace. There are numerous verses throughout, each with a slightly different arrangement, givingthis track a nice, subtle variation throughout. Acoustic guitar, Irish flute / penny whistle, piano. In the fourth verse, a gr...
Yann Keerim
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