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First Inspiration (Piano Only)

'First Inspiration' is a Motivational, Uplifting, and Inspiring Piece with Grand Piano, Orchestral Strings, Pads, and Percussion. This track is perfect for beautiful, emotional videos, touching campaigns and projects. Writer: MARQUES THIAGO POSPICHIL (BMI) CAE/IPI # 679585766 Publisher: MARQUES MU...

Strength To Resist

An Inspirational instrumental track with emotional melodies and sounds. Soft and sentimental rock ballad.

Here I Come (Epic Rock Opening)

An Epic and intense opening theme with electric guitars, bass guitar, electric piano, drums, and percussion.

Rescue Me (Intriguing melodic adventure theme)

An exciting instrumental song with piano, strings, and modern synths, ambiance and drum programming. Intriguing melodic adventure theme.

Sublime Inspirational Piano

An Inspirational and emotional track with piano, violin, strings and a melodic and modern synth creating a background ambient.

Uplifting Sunrise (Elegant Ambient Beat)

An Uplifting and elegant beat with beautiful ambiance. Arranged with Electric and Acoustic Piano, Synth Pads, Synth and Acoustic Bass, Viola, Violin, Percussion, and Drum programming.

Urban Synth (Inspirational Piano)

An Urban Inspirational track with modern synthesizers, drums, beautiful piano melodies, bass, electric piano, and effects.

Contemplative Cinematic Piano Solo

An intense cinematic piano piece in sentimental mood. Elegant instrumental and contemplative track for film.

World Celebration Ethnic Motivational

An Ethnic Motivational and Rhythmic track with Joyful, Cheerful and Beautiful Melodies, and Sounds. A Celebration Soundtrack blending different genres of world music in a modern approach.

Turning Point (Epic Cinematic Piano and Orchestra)

Epic and Cinematic piece for Orchestra and Piano. Dark effects and synth sound ambiance. Perfect for films, trailers, action and suspense movies.

That's a Fun Xmas (Happy Christmas Song)

A happy and fun instrumental song for Christmas. Arranged for piano, harp, pizzicato violin, bells, bass, drums, and percussion.

A Great Year (Emotional Motivation)

An Inspiring Emotional Motivation track based on New Year's feelings. Beautiful melodies arranged for Piano, Bass, Vibraphone, Electric Piano, Percussion, and Drums.

A New Dream (Emotional Motivation Piano)

A beautiful and inspiring track arranged for Piano, Strings, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Piano, and Vibraphone. With a touch of NEW YEAR'S feelings.
Yann Keerim
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