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Hopeful Romantic Piano and Cello

An Inspiring, Sentimental, and Romantic Piece arranged for Piano, Cello, Strings, and Pad. With a Hopeful, and Motivational mood, perfect for Emotional videos, and Special moments.

Inspirational Sentimental

An Inspirational, Motivational, and Sentimental Piece. Arranged for Piano, Strings, Viola, Violins, Cello, Synth Pads, Double Bass, Percussion, and Glockenspiel. Hopeful, and Energetic Melodies combined in a Beautiful Uplifting Instrumental Song for Great Moments.

Brilliant Ident

A Modern, Bright, and Brilliant Ident for Corporate Media, TV, Podcasts, Youtube Channels, Radio, Video, and Film Logo. Powerful, Tech, and Inspiring.

Happy Motivation

A Fun, Happy, and Lively song. Perfect for Joyful, Vibrant, and Good Moments. Highly recommended for videos like: Travel, Animals, Kids, Cooking shows, Funny moments, and Extroverted Scenes. Featuring Piano, Glockenspiel, Bass, Drums, Claps, Electric Piano, Electric Guitars, and Pizzicato Strings, i...

Glitch Tech Corporate Logo

'Glitch Tech Corporate Logo' is a Modern, and tech opening logo. Featuring Glitchy Elements, Synthesizers, Pads, Bass, Electronic Effects, and Drums. Digital Noises, Sound Particles, Filters, blended into Smooth Elegant Chords. Good for Corporate Presentations, News, Interfaces, Tech Projects, Sci-F...

Painful Triumph

'Painful Triumph' is a Cinematic, Thrilling, and Dramatic Piece featuring Grand Piano, Strings (Violins, Violas, Cello, Double Bass), Orchestral Percussions, and Cinematic Effects. Epic and Intense moods in a sophisticated soundtrack, perfect for Dark, and Heroic Moments.
Yann Keerim
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