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250 A Peace Of Song AC2

A unique, special, dynamic and playful track, featuring mallets, electronics, strings and orchestral percussion. A great track for videogames, trailers, movies, and kids productions.

248 Creating Your Path AC2

A soft, calm, and sweet track, relaxing and lovely for intimate and fresh audiovisuals. Featuring voice, electronics, ukulele and some orchestral instruments like french horn, trumpet, strings, shekere and percussion, this track takes you to a journey to your hopes.

253 Inspiring And Epic

Epic, unique and inspiring, building up from a very soft dynamic to a exciting and epic end, this tracks is the perfect asset for inspiring videos, trailers, and advertising.

251 Yours AC2 Oct 7 441

A nice, soft and sensual track featuring bandoneon, double bass, acoustic piano, strings, electric guitar and electronic beat. Taking the soft and sensual mood of tango, this track gets the mood in a Bajofondo's style.

240 Dancing On The Top

A great track, with the energy of the most popular pop tracks of these days.

239 Lullaby For Valeria AC2 Sept 6 44

A very calm, soft and relaxing track, featuring electric guitars, glockenspiel, celesta and piano. A great asset for any production where a confident, warm and appealing sound is required.

237 Your Wings AC2 sept 2

A nice, relaxing and beautiful track featuring percussion, strings, cello, glockenspiel and celesta. A great underscore for any audiovisual project requiring a soft and emotive build up.

236 A Pensive Journey AC2 Aug 19

A soft, calm and relaxing track, featuring ukulele, guitar, percussion and background vocals as well as cello solo and strings. Great asset for any touching and relaxing audiovisual product.

238 Song For Your Heart AC2 441 24

A very exciting and strong track, featuring latin and orchestral instruments. A great asset for videos, film, videogames, etc.

230 Little Things That Change The World AC2 II

A very inspiring, dynamic and epic track featuring ukulele, percussion, strings and orchestral percussion among others. A great asset for inspiring, corporate videos, movies and video-games as well as animations.

228 This New Life AC2 Jul 30

A very happy and optimistic track featuring glockenspiel, ukulele, percussion, celesta, and strings. A great asset for any motivational production, advertising, film and promo.

227 My Rocky Gothy Girlfriend AC2 Jul 27

A very exciting, and climatic rock track with certain 70's flavor, dirty guitars and powerful arrangement. A great asset for any audiovisual project requiring energy and strength.

231 This Playful Day AC2 Aug 8

A very happy, optimistic festive and innocent tune featuring acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, electri piano, tambourine and claps, as well as celesta, glockenspiel. Starting with a very nice muted riff, goes to a very energetic development.

226 Sweet Insurrection AC2 jul 24

A very unique and special track, going from an intimate moment to a very open and energetic one, featuring ukulele, drum kit, electric guitars, orchestral and latin percussion. A great asset for any audiovisual product from advertising to film and video-game soundtrack.

225 A Great Solution AC2 jul 23 More Bass

A very energetic pop track with certain Coldplay flavor. A great asset for videos, ads, and any other media production.

222 Defy Gravity AC2 jul 16

A great, uplifting, upbeat electronic track, full of energy and strength. A great track for fashion, advertising, film, Sport TV Show, film, and party.

217 Electronic News AC2

A very dynamic and energetic track, design for Show Game, news and as a background track.

216 Breaking News AC2 LOOP

A very dynamic and energetic track, design for Show Game, news and as abackground track with a very strong intro and outro.

213 Epic Fighters AC2

A very dramatic and upbeat orchestral track, full of strength and expressive force, with heavy percussion and brasses. A great track for trailers movies and video games.

215 Happy Kids AC2 Ver 2

A very festive and optimistic track, featuring electric guitar, ukelele, claps, drums, bass, glockenspiel, celesta and piano. A very uplifting tune, great asset for motivational, inspiring and childlike applications.

212 Thrones AC2

A new epic orchestral track, full of energy and strength. A great asset for video games, TV Shows, Films, etc.
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