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Pink Panther No 2

Soft jazz with brushed drums, catchy brass section and keyboards. Great relaxing and sneaky jazz for funny themes, animal movies, cats videos and many more.

Crime Scene Detectives

A synth and orchestral cue with contemporary beats. Great for trailers and projects that need a dynamic, urgent, professional cinematic soundtrack for building tension and drama.


by kubed
An atmospheric, clock ticking track with a pulsating baseline, eerie pads and fx, percussion hits and edgy synths. A final, climactic part leads to a sting ending. This track can work great for spy, espionage and crime tv series & films, as well as soundtrack for game shows and video games.

The Dark Dirty Night

Exciting and dark film music with modern distorted sounds, a deep piano, bass guitar and a playful kajon. Great for criminal scenes, drama, thriller and games.

Pink Panther

Warm Jazz with a playful saxophone and brushed drums and contrabass. Great as background music, animal scenes and many many more.

Jazzy Sneakers

Slow and relaxed Jazz with a piano, brushed drums and a playful saxophone. Sounds creeping, soft and authentic. Great for criminal scenes, vintage scenes and for animal videos, like funny and fluffy cat videos.

Getting Closer

by kubed
A rhythmic, dramatic electronic track with atmospheric pads, percussion beat, piano and fx. Mysterious and intriguing mood, with a light tension and suspense. It can work great for crime shows, psychological thrillers, game shows, mystery films and documentaries.


by kubed
Mysterious and atmospheric track with brooding pads, muted rhythmic guitars, time-ticking percussion and piano motifs. A track with light tension, mystery and anticipation, very suitable for crime shows, psychological thrillers, spying themed movies and tv game shows.

Hybrid Melodic Spy Action

(do not miss listening from 1.07) This track combines electronic and orchestra for an intense mood at the same time sad and heroic. The music increase constantly the dynamic and the power. You can imagine an outer space landscape, but something in the theme recalls a mood from James Bond spy storie...

Psycho Motel Tension Strings Classical

Modern Classical music for strings orchestra. Dissonances but also strong themes for a gritty and nervous mood and rhythm. Dramatic, soaring, tension-filled Film Trailer music, perfect for an Hitchcock thriller, Dark Knight, Bourne, 007, psycho murderer, Horror Thriller, chase scenes, assassination ...

Psycho Tension Strings Classical

Modern classical music for strings orchestra. Dissonances but also a strong theme for a gritty mood whit some affinity to the Psycho soundtrack. Energic and aggressive strings mid-tempo power with also sections more slow and suspended mood. Dramatic, soaring, tension-filled Film Trailer music, perfe...

397 Mysterious AC2

A mysterious and intriguing track for video-games, TV Shows and Advertising.


A contemporary and climactic cinematic hollywood orchestral cue with synth elements and driving drums. Great for trailers, games and projects that need a dynamic, urgent, professional cinematic soundtrack that conveys building tension and drama.

Noble Gang

by kubed
Hip Hop track with a cool, groovy beat and driving baseline. This combination of old-school and modern techniques creates a fresh and upbeat sound that can work great for reality tv, sports videos and youth targeted commercials.

Chasing The Dragon

A highly atmospheric track, with ethnic accents and sounds, and an hypnotic, dark mood - think of espionage, danger, crime stories, mysterious oriental atmospheres. This version features a sensual, ethnic lead vocal part, in the final section. Instrumental and other edits also available.


This is a quirky, odd, unusual track. It is dissonant at times and yet strangely addictive. it will create a mysterious, hypnotic atmosphere. Perfect as background music for productions where a sense of thrill, anticipation and danger is necessary. Expect the unexpected!

Jazz Bond

Jazzy composition with an exciting atmosphere, upright bass, strings, voices in the background and a percussive beat. Perfect for crime and spy thrillers.

301 Dark and Mysterious

A great orchestral and epic track, with a spy's movie kind of sound, featuring brasses, strings, percussion, electric guitar and electronics. A great track for Ads, commercials, movies and video-games where spies are involved. Included a loop version that can be used as a background in video games.
Yann Keerim
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