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Running Away (All edits)

Uplifting orchestral instrumental, with piano, strings, guitars and horns, over strong drums and percussions. Starts slowly, and gradually builds up into a more intense instrumentation. Could fit well in commercials, advertisements, corporate videos, to add an emotional touch to a video.

Open Reflexion (All edits)

Midtempo atmospheric instrumental, with synth pads, strings, expressive piano melody and catchy bass line over electronic percussions and drums. Has a reflective mood, and a slightly futuristic sound. Ideal for corporate videos, or presentations about a company, a product, or a phenomenon.

Facing Obstacles (All edits)

Driving midtempo instrumental with memorable piano riff, strings, bass and hard hitting drums. Has a slight hip hop influence and a sense of perseverance, determination, as well as hope and achievement. Could be used in TV shows, trailer, web or corporate videos. Could fit in sports videos, for mont...

Top Of The Mountain (All edits)

Inspiring instrumental, with expressive synth pads, piano, guitar, synth choir over powerful drums. Starts out softly, and gets more intense as it goes on, and goes back and forth. Has an edgy, contemporary sound. Ideal for montage videos with footage of snowboarding, or any extreme sports, or for ...

Summer Sun (All edits)

Midtempo pop instrumental, with acoustic guitar, piano, in your face brass rips, synths and bouncy drums. Has a slight hip hop and reggae influence, and a carefree vibe. Would fit nicely in outdoor scenes, on a beach, or in a sunny place, where people are having fun or playing sports.

United Force (All edits)

High energy action-packed midtempo instrumental, with strong brass hits, synths melodies, piano, powerful orchestral percussions and drums. A mix of electronic and orchestral instruments. Has a slight millitary sound, as well as a hip hop influence. Ideal for an action montage video, for a movie, T...

Until Dawn (All edits)

Energetic uptempo pop dance instrumental, with in your face synths, deep bass, guitar riffs over hard hitting electro drums. Slow, calm melancholic introduction that leads to an upbeat verse, then to a high-energy chorus. Has a feeling of fun and excitement. Perfect for party scenes, where young adu...

Night Shivers (All edits)

Dark electronic instrumental, with spooky melodies, atmospheric pads, and a driving drum pattern. Starts off slowly, with a mysterious vibe, then the energy picks up with the drum pattern, slightly hip hop influenced. Would fit nicely for a horror movie trailer, or a "behind the scenes" documentary ...

Falling From Space (All edits)

Powerful instrumental, with orchestral percussions, drums, strings, piano and synths. Slow build-up in the intro, before a more dramatic segment, with intense drums, violins hits and an expressive lead melody. Has a slightly futuristic sound in the intro, a motivational feeling and a strong instrume...

Closer Now (All Edits)

Emotional electro pop instrumental, with expressive piano, synths, guitars and a contemporary drum groove. Has a hopeful vibe, and a melancholic feeling. Switches from a slow/soft feeling, to a more energetic verse. Could fit well as background music for TV shows, reality shows, movies, or corporate...

Work It Out

Catchy upbeat instrumental, with different synthesizers, percussions, and electronic drums. Mix of pop, hip hop and dance, with a fun party vibe. Would fit nicely in a scene where people are dancing, having a good time, or in TV shows with celebrity news, or trendy topics.

Work It Out (Loopable)

Catchy upbeat instrumental, with different synthesizers, percussions, and electronic drums. Mix of pop, hip hop and dance, with a fun party vibe. Would fit nicely in a scene where people are dancing, having a good time, or in TV shows with celebrity news, or trendy topics. Seamless loop version.

In The Clouds (All versions)

Evocative piano instrumental, with strings, pizzicato strings and bells. Starts out smoothly, and then gradually gets more dramatic, but still in a soft way. Has a soft, emotional, nostalgic feeling throughout. Would be great for TV or movie underscore, or for a corporate video, presentation, or a c...

End Of Time (All versions)

Energetic percussive instrumental, with supporting strings, synth and sound effects. Has a military vibe, as well as a science fiction influence. Would fit nicely in movie trailers, commercials, video games or TV shows, during action scenes. All versions and edits.

Magnetik (All versions)

Uptempo pop instrumental, with an electronic instrumentation, catchy percussions and drums. Has a modern, lounge sound, with a sensual vibe. Ideal for corporate and promotional videos, or for commercials, either for alcoholic beverages, bars, clubs, or dating services. All edits and versions.

A New Day Has Begun (All edits)

Slow inspiring orchestral instrumental, driven by expressive strings, piano, brass and drums. Starts slowly, and gradually builds in intensity, with a soft piano bridge halfway through. Could be used in different situations, either in a commercial, corporate video, or TV shows, movies, as the openin...

Fighting Gravity (Pack)

Dark driving electro instrumental, with synths, piano, orchestral percussions, sound effects and electronic drums. Could fit well in various situations, either mid-paced action sequences, investigation scenes, suspenseful moments, or montages, showing sports footage, competition footage. 4 differ...
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