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Ambient Soprano Aria

This gorgeous, lush ambient composition soars majestically, and would be perfect for exotic soundtrack, imagery of flying, advertising, slow motion video, etc. I personally think it would be ideal for an airline commercial! It has classical aria influences that may remind you of famous compositions ...

Delicate Romantic Piano

Please relax and enjoy this gorgeous delicate piano solo. The romantic classical-inspired melody has a sense of timelessness and luxury. Perfect for advertising luxury and refined products, such as wine, restaurants, holidays, fine cars etc. Also perfect for a dramatic scene of introspection, ref...

Atmospheric Pop Background

Peaceful and Beautiful Music with nice warm space. Light beat with gentle atmospheric swellings pads build a delicious and colorful atmosphere. Very romantic, relaxing and sentimental track will be perfect background for any proper events. Wonderful music for Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, A...

Full Of Magic (Full Mix)

Lovely, mellow film music with floating, shining pads, ethnic flutes, soft chimes and an wonderful female vocal. Great athmospheric track for film, backgroundmusic, nature, documentaries, presentation, romantic scenes, reflective moments and many more.

A Day Of Joy

Positive, modern dance pop with catchy voice effects, groovy bass, smooth guitars and an exciting beat. Perfect optimistc acoustic pop for youth, presentation, advertising, commercials and sunny moments.

Full Of Magic (No Vocal)

Lovely, mellow film music with floating, shining pads, ethnic flutes and soft chimes. Great athmospheric track for film, backgroundmusic, nature, documentaries, presentation, romantic scenes, reflective moments and many more.

What the World Needs

by Rolly
Happy and content with life, this track promotes a positive attitude and a joyful experience. The B section breaks into a reflective moment with the cello and strings. Achievement and success. Action Adventure, Corporate, Documentary, Dramatic Soundtrack, Family / Children, Leisure, Nature, Road Tri...

In Another Time

by Rolly
Elegant, graceful and touching, this marvelous track depicts a life of love, happiness and hope. Beautifully crafted in the dance style of a waltz. Almost dream like. Romance and fantasy. Some Celtic flavor.

Island Dub (Dubstep)

A contemporary dubstep track that has a flavor of the Caribbean mixed in. A softer-style dub track incorporating Latin instrumentation. Ideal for advertisement, film or TV as a soundtrack to an travel adventure. Island, beaches, holiday, exotic, cruise ship. Relaxing in the sun to dub beats.

The Fox & The Hare Jon Purdey (Folk)

A beautiful, dreamy piece with a folk, organic feel. Great for advertising and children's programming. Equally at home in a feel-good movie as promotion of travel, family, animals, medical or corporate. Perfect for a dream sequence or remembering happier times - light and playful. Gentle, poignant t...

Sliding Doors (Cinematic Hip Hop)

A lonely piece with haunting piano and pads. Reflective and dreamy. Perfect for a melancholy scene or dream sequence. Gentle hip hop background beats make this great for modern day shows about heartbreak and friendships. Nature, heaven, ambient.


A mainly acoustic based indie-pop track. Perfect for advertising & promotion. TV & movie score. Strings give it depth and richness and make it a natural fit for adverting top end luxury goods such as cars and fashion. Movie & TV use includes scenes of childhood memories, family, friends & travel.

Samurai (Asian-Ambient)

Tranquil, electronica influenced New Age track heavily Asian influenced. Repetitive Japanese instrumentation allows a multitude of uses from advertising & spa through to corporate or background to a movie about the region. Travel, Asian commercials, TV, culture, gentle background to nature scene.

After the Rain (Ambient-New Age)

Dreamy, drifting track that takes you on a relaxing journey. Punctuated with percussion & piano. A trip to the desert, nature after the rain. Advertising, movie scenes & corporate promotion. Promotion of children's items, spa & meditation, retreats, massage, getting away, nature, hope, freedom.

For What It's Worth

by Rolly
Fun, upbeat and positive track with piano lead. Nice melody. Similar in style to George Winston, or Bruce Hornsby. Great for background narrative for commercial, or branding. .

A Gray Morning

by Rolly
Melancholy and sweet jazz track with a great groove. Laid back, relaxing, mellow and reflective, yet moving forward. Gentle and simple piano and guitar solos. Romantic, sexy and sensual. Love is all around. George Benson style without vocal. Wine and dine. High end dining. Background music. Morning ...

El Dorado

Ambient atmospheric cinematic music piece. Good for slow motion, nature videos, tv programs and other projects.


Chilled electronic relaxing music. Perfect for your media projects.
Yann Keerim
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