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Tinkling The Ivories

A sophisticated jazzy cocktail lounge piece performed on solo grand piano. Great for emotional, classy background music.

There Is Always Hope

A melancholic, elegant solo piano piece with a sentimental cinematic feel. Perfect for melodic, classy background music or jazzy cocktail lounge music.

Martini Time

Solo piano piece with jazz cocktail lounge feel. Great for elegant, classy background music.

Groovy Blues

Lively, uplifting Jazz-Blues track with classy piano, bass and drums. Happy, carefree feel to get your feet tapping! Great for elegant background music!

Bad Girl Blues

Elegant, carefree Blues track with full band orchestration. Great for cool, sophisticated background music.

Air on the G string

Beautiful rendition of the popular piece by J.S. Bach. Arranged in a light jazz style with piano, strings and woodwind. Emotional and dreamy feel.

Swing Joyful Tune (2 Versions)

This cute, joyful jazzy track featuring whistle, ukulele, sticks, glockenspiel, vibraphone, piano, marimba, double bass and drums. This track is motivating and inspiring - making everyone smile and feel good. It’s a swing, playful and happy track - great for trailers, commercials, motivat...

Comedic Dixieland

Comedic and funny background music with tuba, trombones, acoustic bass, clarinet and upright piano. Good for funny, comedy, cartoons, humor scenes, parody, drunken or fail videos

Pop Dance High Energy

Great pop-dance energy and catchy refrain with a bit of funky mood; synths, real instruments and chorus for an enthralling and wild party mood with powerful rhythmic section. Available in: main version / no lead melodies. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, running, with a powe...

Big Band Funky

Energic and groovy funky with lush arrangement and killing brass. Traditional funky band and synth drums/synthesizers added for a touch of modernity. Available in: main version with drum machine / real drums version. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, running, with a powerful ...

Night Time

Light and mellow, featuring mute trumpet, electric piano and sultry double bass in a laid-back lounge style that creates a smooth and carefree mood.

Sparkling ukulele swinging

Gentle and bright, featuring a childlike bell melody, a breezy ukulele and warm jazz brushes drums with an elegant double bass line that create a carefree and feel-good mood

Lounge Smooth Jazz Background

This is Sexy, lounge, ambient, chill out track with modern catchy beat. Beautiful piano, synth and catch drums create light, relaxing and cool atmosphere. Wonderful background Audio for any Video, Media, TV, Broadcast, Radio, Presentations, YouTube and other Multimedia Projects.

3 Cafe De Tour Blanc

A playful accordion meldy perfect for background in travel videos. Parisien Chic style. A solo electric guitar appears in the middle of the track.

4 Memory Lane

Balkanian melody by accordion suitable for tv series. A keyboard solo in balkanian style in the middle of the tracks takes the tracks to a jazzy sound.

5 Blue 9

Accordion and Panflute play together and create a memorable balkanian melody. A funky band supports the two solists.
Yann Keerim
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