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Sad, deep, meditative, dramatic and reflexive Piano track. Remembrance of a rainy day; intense and intimate feelings. Remember the love, beauty, tenderness, hope and peace. This track can be used as a soundtrack or background music in films, photo slideshow, motivational projects, memorial video, cr...

Drops from the Sky (piano version)

The most lively and natural sounds are the sounds of nature. Rain, thunder, wind, they are as much alive as you can hear ! These are: gentle flutes, formidable double basses, and piano passages ! Everything that your heart desires !

Spy Eye

New modern spy track in the style of garage rock. Interesting groove, catchy reef, exciting development of the composition. All in the style of spy movies. The composition is easily divided into several short tracks.

Action Grunge

Meet the new grunge. Hard, modern, powerful, aggressive. This is music of protest, this is music of struggle, this is the voice of revolution.

Fashion Tech Lounge - Loop Version

Background tech lounge music. Great for fashion shows, fashion reviews, beauty blog, hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations, promotion, commercial, advertising video, street lifestyle video, photo collage and photo slideshow. Also good for cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, radio statio...

Atmospheric Inspiration

Atmospheric Inspiration is an exclusive soft and warm ambient track with deep beat that’s perfect as background music for your inspiring projects. This track is suitable for the following genres: abstract creative, creative advertising, ambient creative slideshow, creative background presentation,...

Background Ethereal Positive Ambient

Instrumental music made for piano and synth pads. The style is New Age Ambient music and the mood is calm and positive, with a nice expressive piano. This music fits perfect for healthy and calm topics, also for very relaxed and positive situations in films and other projects with similar moods.

The Happy Dreams

Instrumental music made for reverbered piano, synth pads and strings. The genre is very close to New Age and Ambient music, and the mood is peaceful and positive. The music starts with the piano playing the main notes of the composition, in a very peaceful and kind way. Then, the entrance of synth p...

Upbeat Positive Sentimental Piano

Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is very close to soundtrack and new age music. The mood is happy and optimistic with a strong emotional expressive feeling. this music is a perfect background for scenes with romantic and sentimental feelings with optimistic views.

Happy Indie Rock

Light indie composition with pleasant guitar parts. This track is waiting for incredible success. Take the opportunity to use this melody in your brilliant projects. Interesting synthesis, authentic drums, stylish guitars.
Yann Keerim
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