Thunderous percussion, ostinato string patterns & pulsating bass for this epic track.


Hybrid electronic percussion/orchestral action cue. great for trailers

SPACE ODYSSEY (Epic Adventure Heroic Mistery) - Extended version

Available in: Main version / Orchestra only / Extended version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger. Mid-tempo hybrid orchestra with mistery, action, melodies, powerful percussions and building sections. Great for videogames, movies, epic or fantasy scenes. Action A...

CONQUEST (Heroic Enterprise) - Main version

Available in: Main version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger. Orchestral slow force growing to the reach of heroic adventure enterprise. Stamina, resilience, concentration, to overcome extreme nature conditions to be alive. Hard sport challenges into an hostile en...

Epic Cinematic Heroic Trailer

Epic and dramatic cinematic cue perfect for trailers, advertising, film, sports and other media projects. This Hollywood blockbuster piece combines action and drama in an energetic and awe-inspiring way. Featuring instruments: Orchestral spiccato strings, brass, male and female choir, cello, big ep...

Epic Inspiration Trailer (Vocal Heroic choir)

Epic Vocal Trailer – it’s beautiful and powerfull Hollywood trailer for cinematic projects. Modern epic cinematic music with beautiful male vocal. Energetic heroic choir with orchestral ensemble make amazing atmospheres

Big Epic Hollywood score 1

Big , emotional score in the style of Hollywood motion picture . Sweeping , noble ,full of dignity . True orchestral and majestic . Will work with big ending of drama or romance .exciting dramatic,drama,cinematic romance drama,Living is Giving,Duty an Honor,

pirates pride

Heroic and epic and Celtic, Medieval, Middle Ages type track that would go well with scenes of rejoicing, reunions, dancing and village parties,open sea travelling with huge orchestral score

pirates big heroic theme

Strong, epic, orchestral/dramatic cue. Heroic, powerful. Awe and might. Highly suitable for action, fights/fighting, war and battle, trailers and more

War Opening Theme

A seriously dramatic, epic, cinematic track. This track keeps building in intensity and urgency towards a majestic climax towards the end. Full orchestra, choir, epic percussion, major Goosebumps effect towards the final crescendo and climax.fast music, Hans Zimmer, trailer, orchestra, fight, choir,...

Lendors Return

Full orchestra, big and epic, adventure and fantasy Production Music

heroic quest 1 full

Written in the style of epic heroic action films and recorded with a liveorchestra. The main themes are played and restated as the music builds through theuse of varied orchestral colors and frequent, exciting key changes. Rousing big finish.
Yann Keerim
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