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Epic Rock Anthem

A modern and dynamic, stadium filling Rock song with massive overdrive guitars, deep bass tones, cinematic synthesisers and powerful drums. A powerful track to invigorate your media projects! Also great use for action, extreme sports videos, gym videos, driving scenes, vlogs, tv projects and films.

All Night (Upbeat Dance Modern House)

An positive , upbeat royalty free pop summer house song, with pluck leads, pads, modern vocals chops, bouncy bass and efficient drums beat, best for vlogs, ads, travel, summer or trendy related content.

No Way Out - Sad Nostalgic Chillout Background

An sad, nostalgic and ambient chillout royalty free song, with dreamy synth leads, synth pads, vocal sample, bass and minimal beat best for ads, meditation, contemplation and relaxed related content !

Horizon - Dreamy Retrowave 80s Synth Pop

An dreamy, feel good and 80s retro synthpop royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, polysix bass, DX7 and efficient beats, best for ads, retro visuals, 80s aesthetics, chillout and artistic related contend !

Optimistic Upbeat Corporate Real Estate

An inspiring, upbeat and optimistic royalty free corporate song, with airy plucks leads, pads, electric guitar, bass, piano, wavy synths and straight drums, best for ads, corporate, travel, motivational and inspiring related content.

Don't Stop [Fresh Modern Pop Future Bass]

An fresh, modern and inspiring royalty free pop future bass song, with modern leads, pads, vocals, saw synths, bass and efficient beat, best for Vlogs, ads, travel, summer, motivational or trendy related content.

Candy Rock

Children's rock-and-roll. It is a glamorous, stylish and very cheerful track. Created with guitars, drums, piano, as well as a primitive 8-bit sound. This song is perfect for your multimedia projects, TV shows, commercials, etc.

Planet Walk (Dark Futuristic Soundscape)

Futuristic sound structure with strange rhythms. A seemingly threatening mood that creates tension.

Insect Room (Frightening Soundscape)

Creaking background, powerful impacts and monotonous bass create tension and discomfort

Flight into Asteroids (Driving Synth Arpeggio Environment)

Driving, atmospheric sound environment that creates tension. Technical, mystical mood. Fits well with space scenes, documentaries etc.

Exo Space (Cold Space Effect Environment)

Static cold soundscape without harmony. Effect shapes in the background. Fits well in space and fantasy scenes.

Breath Room (Dark Pulsating Effect Environment)

An oppressive mood with dark pulsating structures and crackling effects. Well suited for exciting movie scenes
Yann Keerim
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