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Kaleidoscope (Loop 01)

A catchy hook & dynamic beats make this track a suitable bed for business, technology & science based audio/visual projects.

Voyager (Loop 01)

Sweeping chords dip & weave through an atmospheric wash of sound.

Celtic Kingdom (Loop 01)

Cello, choirs & resounding drums create a regal, thrusting Game of Thrones type theme.

Scream and Shout (Oh Yeah) (Loop 01)

A blistering vocal track with dance beats, synths riffs, rock guitar and a catchy chorus line. A strong sentiment about a woman taking everything she wants at whatever cost. Uncompromising, dirty & fun. Available as a vocal version and an instrumental version.

Gimme a Man (Loop 01)

A gritty female vocal over dirty guitar riffs and pounding drum breaks. Uncompromising, filthy and lots of fun. Available as a vocal version and an instrumental version.

Drop It (Loop 01)

A full tilt bassline and dance riff with glitchy interludes and a ‘Drop It’ vocal snatch. Suitable for high octane visuals or modern techno music bed. Nasty & exciting but with a sense of fun.

Another Happy Day (Loop 01)

Happy, carefree and a tiny bit mad. This bouncy uptempo orchestral overture is suitable for cartoons, animations, games and all types of humorous commercials. Includes a vintage version with extra added retro appeal.

Like a Bird (Flying High Remix) (Loop 01)

‘If I could fly, like a bird, in the sky, so high’. This dreamy, psychedelic dance remix of Dream Valley Music’s ‘Like A Bird’ takes the track to a whole new world with twittering birds, lush strings, a deep bassline and a fat dance breakbeat. Available as a vocal ve...

Crusade (Loop 01)

Epic orchestration with pounding drums and sweeping chords. Builds into a victorious climax.

Expand (Loop 01)

An evolving soundscape that resolve in a single chord. A useful atmospheric bed for visuals such as art installations, landscapes, environmental issues, ecology or the Natural World.

Future Solutions (Loop 01)

Abstract rhythm with an air of mystery and intrigue that builds into a deep soundscape of sweeping chords. Echoes of Tangerine Dream. A useful atmospheric bed for visuals subjects such as landscapes, art exhibitions, ecology, environmental issues or the Natural World.

Narrow Escape (Loop 01)

Growing from smouldering beginnings into a frantic orchestral canter with horns, strings & huge pounding drums.

The Tempest (Loop 01)

Building from an uneasy atmosphere into complete Bedlam with a variety of orchestral passages, stabs and flourishes.

An Organic Future (Loop 01)

Futuristic sounds combine with atmospheric orchestral instruments in a dark but humerous mix.

Beyond the Void (Loop 01)

A dark dystopian landscape with a driving rhythmic bass, pounding drums and blistering feedback. Resolves at 1:10 with a huge sweeping chord.

Festival Colours (Loop 01)

Traditional sounding Eastern rhythms & instruments with a playful festive feel. A useful accompaniment to a hot, exciting atmosphere.

In Golden Light (Loop 01)

Steamy Bhangra rhythms accompany this hypnotic theme of intrigue & wonder.

India Celebration (Loop 01)

Traditional instruments fused with colourful Bhangra rhythms. Alluring female vocal lines add a sense of erotic mystique.
Yann Keerim
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