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Lofi Hip Hop Chillout

A calm lo-fi beat with smooth electric guitars, saxophone and beautiful piano melodies. Great for vloggers, podcasts, timelapses, high quality video production, slideshows, tutorials, montages, stream countdowns, commercials, slow motion, study music, drone footage, aerial view, chill hop playlists ...

Relax Chillhop

A combination of chillhop and classic hip hop elements creates this nostalgic groove with a dreamy mood. Perfect for working, studying, relaxing videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, travel videos, commercials, advertising, party background, unique branding, aerial view, time lapses and other creative vide...

Hip Hop Noir Trumpet ( Full Version)

Charming and laid-back: An urban song with smooth guitars, spicy piano licks and warm lo-fi hip hop beats. For showreels, slow motion & cafe. Here as trumpet version.

Retro Funky Hip-Hop - Loop Version

This retro groovy background royalty free music soundtrack can add some right emotions to your video projects. We hear amazing and funky horns, wah-wah and mute guitars, playful synth lead, claps and snaps. This positive music theme will be perfect for openers, lifestyle, corporate videos, commercia...

Christmas Upbeat Nostalgia

A peaceful, soft royalty free holiday piece with bells, chimes, pads, synths and drums, perfect for Xmas advertising, games and trendy vlogs.

80s Disco Nostalgia

Romantic, positive synthwave/ retrowave music with analog arpeggios and synthesizers, punchy drums and analog bass lines.Great for 80s montages, movies, video games or any retro 80s inspired media.

8-bit Powerful Retro

A powerful, retro electronic royalty free music theme with awesome 8-bit sounds, cool synth leads, moving bass and steady beats, great for game projects, promos, vlogs or commercials.

Neon Sunset

A dreamy, modern synthwave track with melodic synths, basses, iconic drums and warm pads, best for games, films or retro contents.

A Better Tomorrow

Advantageous and glorious epic track, emotional and melancholically driven. Later the colossal heroic theme intensifies in the brass section and short strings and will fade out in a lone piano sound and high bells. Very romantic, sad yet driven by a monumental trailer-like orchestration. Ideal for c...

Neon Highway

A retro, futuristic royalty free 80s synthwave, with analog synths, leads, bass, sharp guitars, and electro beats, best for indie games, ads, vlogs, or podcasts.

Quiet Days

Sometimes you just have to take life slowly, right? This track is the pure embodiment of that concept. It's calm, quiet and lush - perfect for a soothing, quiet day. Give your next project that calm and contemplative feeling it needs with this lush, ambient track. This pack includes 6 versions for ...

Inspiration piano (upbeat background music)

Beautiful classical acoustic melody, combining piano and strings in a optimistic, inspiring content.

Surf's Up (Retro 60's Surf Rock)

Feel the California sand between your toes and the sea spray in your face with this classic 60's surf rock track. It captures all the twangy guitar charm of this genre and is similar in style to bands like Dick Dale and the Del-Tones. Works great with sports, summer, beach and festival themes, TV re...
Yann Keerim
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