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Cold Wind

A dreamy and inspiring cinematic ambient track. Cold Wind alternates moments of intimate dreamy texture and other more rhythmic parts, with both classical orchestral instruments and modern synth sounds. Its floating and intense characteristics make it a good choice for cinematic, short films, sci-fi...

Sea Breeze - Ambient Meditation

A calm, cool, piano and ambient synth track that conveys a sense of relaxation and meditation.


An upbeat and hard hitting Indie Rock instrumental track with strong electric guitar and bass riffs, tight drumming and a feeling of freedom and successful life. This wild Alternative Rock background tune combines an aggressive style with a powerful energy full of youth and enthusiasm. Fits well in ...

African Savanna Game

This is an uplifting positive score, great for every video with nature, animals and much more.

Motivational Cinemtatic Trailer

An Hibrid Orchestra arrangement with drums guitar and bass. With an inspiring and optimistical mood this song is perfect for any comercial purpose as well as for wedding footage, adventure, travel, business, corporate, and any audiovisual project in which positivism prevails.

Nature Documentary

Relaxing and inspiring atmosferic song arranged with african instruments, giving it a savanna and jungle flavour, and teleporting your mind to those african nature documentaries.

Wildlife Sceneries

Majestic orchestral music score perfect for documentaries and epic scenes. Full orchestra with strings, brass, percussions and woodwinds. The music has a unmistakable cinematic atmosphere, and expresses an idea of challenge, struggle for the victory.

African Trance Percussion

An exotic, trance-inducing percussive piece built around traditional african rythms that conveys pictures of tribal dancers and wilderness. It features African Donn Donn, Djembe, Flat Udu, Darabuka, Small derbuka and Yambu. Great fit for documentaries about Africa, movies, dance, travel videos, or a...

Wildlife Documentary

An exotic piece that transpires with wilderness, tribes life and traditional customs in Africa. Amongst the instruments heard are the Donn Donn, Conga, Bongo, Udu, Balafon and Rice Shakers. This typical instrumentation performing traditional rythms under balafon melody lines and ambient, wind like a...

Hard Rocking Outlaws

Hard Rocking Outlaws is a very cool Southern Rock track with nice gimmicks and lots of attitude. The track is driven by roots harmonica lines and wicked guitar solos. Great fit for biker, rider, car, sports, lifestyle themes and commercials as well as for trailers, movies and video games. Instrume...

Rock That Power Riff

This is a powerful rock track combining strong riffs with elements of a big anthemic band. This is a type of sound that is getting well known in the rock music scene. The full version of the track starts with a twangy electric guitar riff, after four bars a shaker is introduced pulling your into a ...

Discovering Africa

The sound of the African Jungle in all its splendor. African drums and big orchestra in a very dynamic track perfect for African landscapes. Voyage to the Bottom of Africa with its waterfalls. The jungle in pure. Wild animals in the Savannah. exotic, that lead the Horn of Africa or to the Safaris.
Yann Keerim
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